Mental Illness

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Mental Illness

Our actions must show that mental illness does not create insurmountable distances, nor prevent relations of true Christian charity with those who are its victims.
~ Blessed John Paul II, “Mentally Ill Are Also Made in God’s Image,” November 30, 2003

Many of our brothers and sisters are affected by mental illness – by their own diagnosis or as caregivers or workers in the field of mental health. While many with mental illness have been able to attend to a life of employment and education, others in our own communities struggle with loneliness, rejection, confusion, frustration, and anxiety.

Our faith requires a greater sensitivity and commitment to our neighbors affected by mental illness as well as a greater responsibility on our part to recognize their importance to our community, especially our faith community. We, as a society, can play a significant role in promoting the mental health of all by providing effective care, including health care.


Bishop Libasci’s Testimony Supporting SB 270 (Establishing a Commission to Study Mental Health in New Hampshire) – January 28, 2014