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When the Lord Jesus revealed the truth about the Kingdom of God, he did so through the use of parables. In every parable he shared with us the healing, forgiving, and caring aspects of the Father’s great love for us. In imitating the Lord in this way, Parable Magazine is an instrument for the Diocese of Manchester to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ through the stories of the faithful in New Hampshire.

Parable Magazine is Brought to You by NHCA

Parable is a gift from the Diocese of Manchester through the New Hampshire Catholic Appeal. It brings personal stories of faith to Catholics across New Hampshire. It is the only magazine that focuses both on your faith and your community. 

All Catholics registered at a parish get Parable for free. To receive the magazine, make sure you are registered. If you aren’t getting your copy, please fill out the form below and you will be added to the Parable mailing list. For questions and concerns, please email

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