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For our first annual NH Catholic Schools Week, the theme is "NH Catholic Schools, Where a Child's Future Shines Bright." 

In NH Catholic Schools, students are formed into the young men and women who will chart the course for the next generation. Give your child a future that shines bright. Give them a Catholic education.

NHCSW VisitVisit

The doors are open at each of our schools for you and your family to visit. NH Catholic Schools Week is a special time of the year with open house events at each school and unique opportunities for visitors. Don't waitvisit our schools today.

NHCSW GiveGive

Our Catholic Schools need your support to thrive. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can become involved, as well as new opportunities for your own students to receive financial aid.

Donate online:

NHCSW ShareShare

Throughout the year, our school communities are actively sharing new and exciting content online. Find out how you can get involved by following the Diocese of Manchester page on Facebook and Twitter