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Engaging our students, teachers, staff, and community in the mission of Catholic education is a priority for the Catholic Schools Office. Learn more about the events--past and present--that have helped emphasize this priority by click on the links to the left.

Teacher of the Year Nominations

Criteria for Nominees

Has at least 1 full year teaching in a NH Catholic school

Teacher can be employed part time or full time

Must not have won the St. John Baptiste de la Salle Teacher of the Year within the last three (3) years

Criteria for Nominator

No family relation to nominee

Must be part of the current school community/active participant of the school community

Tell nominator that upon notification, the nominee can decline further consideration

No anonymous nominations

Cannot nominate yourself

CLICK HERE to nominate a Teacher of the Year

Clergy of the Year Nominations

The New Hampshire Catholic School Clergy of the Year award is named for St. John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests. Amid a time of political turmoil in post-revolutionary France, St. John Vianney ministered with enduring joy, patience, and optimism. The recipient of the Spirit of St. John Vianney Award is a member of the clergy who similarly provides inspirational support for Catholic education in the diocese. The faithful witness that the recipient of the Spirit of St. John Vianney award provides is inspirational to students as they go on to eventually discern their vocation in life.

CLICK HERE to nominate a Clergy member for the Spirit of St. John Vianney Award