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Human Resources

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The Human Resources Office is responsible for three (3) related but distinct functions:

  1. The administration of personnel policies and procedures for all employees of the diocesan administration;
  2. The coordination of resources and expertise for pastors and Catholic schools principals regarding personnel policies and procedures, especially the administration of various employee benefits;
  3. The administration of the remuneration of all priests (active and retired) and their benefits.

We are here to serve you

We envision you as having unique needs that drive our performance. To help us serve you better, we are committed to being:

  • Responsive, flexible, and welcoming
  • In compliance with Diocese Policies and Procedures
  • In compliance with applicable federal and state laws
  • Knowledgeable in our field
  • Supportive and respectful to your needs.

2019/20 Open Enrollment


2019-20 Newsletter – Lay Employees
2019-20 Northeast Dental – Lay Core Plan
2019-20 Northeast Dental – Lay High Plan
Anthem Option 1 – EPO 250
Anthem Option 2 - EPO 500
Anthem Option 3 – EPO 1000
Anthem Option 4 – PPO 3000-2 High Deductible Plan
Health Care FSA Claim Form
Lay WebMD Wellness Program


2019-20 Newsletter Priest
2019-20 Northeast Delta Dental
Priest WebMD Wellness Program

Employee Paid Benefits

MetLaw Legal Plan
MetLife Hospital Indemnity Plan
VSP – Vision Plan

CMC Co-Payment Forgiveness Program

CMC – Co-Pay Forgiveness Memo
CMC – Co-Pay Forgiveness Request Form
BAS Priest Reimbursement Form

Provider Contact Information

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance 2018

2018-19 Newsletter - Lay Employees
2018-19 Newsletter - Priests
Health Care FSA Claim Form
Anthem Option 2 – EPO 500
Anthem Option 3 – HSA 3000
Enrollment/Waive Form A for Medical, Dental and Vision Plans
Enrollment/Waive From E for Life and Disability Plans
CMC Co-Pay Forgiveness Memo
CMC Co-Pay Forgiveness Request Form
BAS Priest Reimbursement Form
Provider Contact Information


Memo Re Paylocity: Checking In - Important Year-End Reminders
1099-M Box Descriptions
W-2 Preview - Year End Checklist
W-2 Box Descriptions
W-2 Reconciliation Tips
Paylocity Newsletter 3.1.15

Payroll Forms

Compensation for Musicians - Part 1
Compensation for Musicians - Part 2

Affordable Care Act/Healthcare Reform Information

Healthcare Reform Glossary of Terms
2014 Healthcare Reform Overview and Trends

Human Resources - Important Information

Holiday - Holy Day 2020 Calendar
Application for Employment
FMLA Application
Meal Break Waiver Request Form
New Employee Orientation Checklist
New Hire Reporting Form - State of New Hampshire
Performance Review - Exempt
Performance Review - Non-Exempt
Performance Review - Self-Evaluation
Time Reporting - Exempt|
Time Reporting - Non-Exempt

Employment Posters

State of New Hampshire

Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent Contractor Poster
Equal Pay
New Hampshire Minimum Wage Law Poster
Protective Legislation Law Poster
Right to Know Poster
The Whistleblowers' Protection Act Poster
Workers' Compensation Law


Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act Poster
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Poster
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act Poster
Federal Minimum Wage Poster
Federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act Poster

2014 Model Handbooks

2014 Model Parish Handbook
2014 Model School Handbook
Appendix 1 - Code & Policy
Parish Handbook Appendices
School Handbook Appendices
Parish Safety Policy
Parish Safety Program - For all locations with 5 or more employees

Medicare Information

Medicare A: 1-800-522-8323; Website: www.medicare.gov
Medicare B: 1-800-447-1142; Website: www.medicare.gov
Social Security: 1-800-772-1213; Website: www.ssa.gov

Human Resources