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Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (“ERDs”)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops established and adopted the ERDs to offer moral guidance on various aspects of health care delivery based on the Catholic Church's theological and moral teachings. The most recent version of the ERDs was adopted by the United States Bishops in June 2018 (the Sixth Edition) and contains the following contents:

General Introduction
Part One: The Social Responsibility of Catholic Health Care Services
Part Two: The Pastoral and Spiritual Responsibility of Catholic Health Care
Part Three: The Professional-Patient Relationship
Part Four: Issues in Care for the Beginning of Life
Part Five: Issues in Care for the Seriously Ill and Dying
Part Six: Collaborative Arrangements with Other Health Care Organizations and Providers

CLICK HERE for the text of the ERDs

CLICK HERE to read Bishop Libasci’s Decree making the ERDs particular law for the Diocese of Manchester, effective August 1, 2018

Health Care