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Real Estate

Real Estate Properties for Sale

View a listing of real estate properties for sale in the Diocese of Manchester.

Office of Real Estate

The Office of Real Estate assists the Bishop of Manchester in ensuring that the stewardship of all real estate, physical plant and other tangible assets of the Diocese are administered in an effective manner. Specifically, the Director for Real Estate assists in the diocesan central administration in the following manner:

  1. Providing staff expertise to the Bishop of Manchester regarding all building projects and major capital improvement projects for all entities in the diocese;
  2. Staffing the Diocesan Real Estate Board who assists in the development of policy and procedures as well as the evaluation of specific projects in the diocese;
  3. Coordination with the Office of Risk Management and Insurance in the administration of any claims associated with property losses;
  4. The development and maintenance of appropriate policies and procedures related to real estate, physical plant and other tangible assets of the diocese;
  5. Assist the Bishop of Manchester, pastors and Catholic school principals in ensuring the integrity of the property tax exemptions in local municipalities.