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Certifications & Professional Development

The transformation of the New Hampshire Catholic schools depends on a process of continuous improvement in teaching and learning that is creative and dynamic; a process characterized by discovery and deep reflection that leads to profound shifts in vision, values, operating assumptions, and actions.

Catholic school leaders bring the vision of quality Catholic education to life by encouraging innovation; creating enduring networks and structures that develop a community of learners and nurture the involvement of all stakeholders in fashioning the Catholic school system's goals; providing resources to key professional development processes; and demonstrating the impact of changes in pedagogy on student performance.

Catechist Certification

Our teachers of religion are certified catechists or hold an advanced degree in theology.

Teacher Certification

The Diocese of Manchester Catholic Schools Office recognizes that talented teachers can come from a variety of different career paths. Thus, there are options for non-certified teachers to obtain certification in the areas in which they teach. For teachers who are not currently certified in the State of New Hampshire, there are pathways that currently exist as possible options.

School Employment

Make a difference in a child’s life. Become a Catholic School Teacher.  View current job openings.

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