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Family Life

“Imagine three expressions written above the doorway… ‘may I?’, ‘thank you’, and ‘pardon me’. Indeed, these expressions open up the way to living well in your family, to living in peace.” – Pope Francis

When family members are focused on being courteous, giving thanks, and asking for forgiveness, they are working to better prepare their hearts to love and be loved by those around them. The practices of courtesy, thanksgiving, and forgiveness/repentance also provide a helpful framework for thinking about how a family should live their relationship with God.

Reflecting on and implementing this advice from Pope Francis is just one simple way to further strengthen all the relationships in your life, particularly your relationship with God, and your relationships within your family.

We hope that the following resources will also be helpful to you and your family as you journey together in faith.

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Resources for Families 

This section is routinely updated with the latest resources we have available related to Lifelong Faith Formation for families.