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Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty, poverty and want in the day of wealth.
~ Sirach 18:25

The Church teaches that it is through “our relationship with God” that “we experience the conversion of heart that is necessary to truly love one another as God has loved us” (USCCB, Sharing Catholic Social Teaching). This is a difficult task in a society which has inculcated in many people the importance of material possessions and financial gain. However, as Catholics, we must constantly be aware of those around us who are suffering as a result of a lack of basic accommodations and selflessly share what we have with others.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “On coming to the world, man is not equipped with everything he needs for developing his bodily and spiritual life. He needs others. Differences appear tied to age, physical abilities, intellectual and moral aptitudes, the benefits derived from social commerce, and the distribution of wealth. The ‘talents’ are not distributed equally” (CCC, no.1936). Thus, it is the responsibility of those who are in possession of various God-given talents to care for those who do not enjoy the same talents.

The unequal distribution of virtues allows us to see value in each other, in that we are all dependant upon each other in some manner; no one person possesses every virtue. It is part of God’s plan that we must be generous and kind towards one another. Only with the solidarity that should exist between all human beings can we eradicate the extreme poverty many of our brothers and sisters face on a daily basis.


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