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Consultative Groups

The Bishop of Manchester seeks input from many sources as he leads the diocese. Each Consultative Group has a particular purpose and mission.

The College of Consultors is appointed by the bishop and assist him in fulfilling his duties as diocesan bishop.

The Priest Personnel Assignment Board consists of eight priests elected by the presbyterate of the diocese and two members appointed ex officio by the bishop.

The Diocesan Review Board is an advisory board to the Bishop established in accordance with the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The Finance Council has two main groups of tasks on which they provide advice and counsel to the bishop deal with ordinary administration (i.e., development of the annual budget, and the regular review of and compliance with it) and with extraordinary administration (i.e., major one-time financial transactions, such as construction projects, purchase or sale of property).

The Presbyteral Council consists of priests elected by their peers, appointed by the bishop, as well as some ex officio priests.

The Safe Environment Council consists of one representative from each of the nine deaneries who is recommended by the Dean and appointed by the bishop to a three year term.