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Life's Value

Every human being is inestimably valuable. There is no test to pass. There is no age or stage of growth to be reached in order to earn our worth. We are valuable, not because of how, where, or when we happen to be, but simply because of whom we happen to be. As privileged creatures of God, He has created us in His very “image and likeness” (Gn 1:26), unlike any other beings in existence.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself “once for all” (Heb 10:10), also affirms human dignity. There has never been, and never will be, a human person for whom Christ did not offer Himself. God’s unfathomable sacrifice shows us just how much we are worth.

Our dignity, then, is not about what we can or cannot do. Rather, our dignity is about what God has already done; it flows from our unique relationship with Him; it flows from the sacrifice He made for us on the cross.

Finally, our dignity does not rest on popular opinion. No group or society has the authority to decide who, or who does not have the dignity of human personhood. This is the heart of human dignity: that God the Father has loved each and every one of us into existence. We are inestimably valuable because we are all loved by God.

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