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Resources for Safe Environment Coordinators

This page contains resources for our diocesan Safe Environment Coordinators, including orientation webinars, a practice manual, newsletters, and other tips, to help them in their role. The pastor, principal, or director of each diocesan entity (parish, school, camp) appoints a Safe Environment Coordinator to assist in ensuring that the Policy for the Protection of Children is fully implemented. 

Safe Environment Database

See our Safe Environment Database

Safe Environment Database User Guide

See our Safe Environment Database User Guide 

Safe Environment Coordinator Manual

DOWNLOAD the Safe Environment Coordinator Manual
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Safe Environment Coordinator Orientation Video

Online Training Orientation for New Coordinators

Fingerprinting Tips Video

Fingerprint Overview for Schools

Recent Notices

Safe Environment Onsite Reviews are Being Scheduled for 2016-2017

Each parish and school in the Diocese of Manchester will undergo an onsite safe environment review at least once every four years. To learn more about what to expect when a safe environment review takes place at your parish or school, see our Site Review Schedule. You will also find a listing of parishes and schools scheduled for review during the upcoming year.

Safe Environment Newsletters

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