Safe Environment Coordinator Manual

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Safe Environment Coordinator Manual

2021 - Table of Contents

A. Contact Information

1. Office for Ministerial Conduct
2. Victim Assistance Coordinator

B. Policies

1. Serving Christ, Serving Others, Code of Ministerial Conduct
Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal, Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People (11/01/19)

English | Spanish

English (Executive Summaries): Code | Policy

Spanish (Executive Summaries): Code | Policy

Portuguese (Executive Summaries): Code | Policy

Vietnamese (Executive Summaries): Code Policy

2. Policy for Overnight Trips

3. Electronic Communications Policy

C. Screening & Training Protocol

1. Screening & Training Protocol for Church Personnel (7/15/22) 

D. Guidelines for Implementation

1. Safe Environment Coordinator Responsibilities
2. Safe Environment Requirements for Parishes
3. Safe Environment Requirements for Schools
4. How to Check the Sex Offender Registry (PDF)

E. Safe Environment Curriculum

Safe Environment Curriculum - training programs and material for adults, teens, and children.

  1. Overview of children's lessons

F. Safe Environment Online Database

1. Reference Sheet
2. Safe Environment Database User Guide, Version 1.0 (12/20)

G. Sample Announcements & Correspondence

1. Bulletin Insert – How to Make a Report
2. Bulletin Insert – Safe Environment Coordinator Wanted
3. Bulletin Insert – Adult Safe Environment Training
4. Training instruction handouts:

a. Volunteers and existing employees
b. New employees
c. New school employees
d. Concerned adults
e. Renewal training instructions

5. Sample Letter – Missing Items
6. Sample Letter – Inactivity
7. Sample Memo- Training and CRR Renewals

H. Forms

CLICK HERE for the latest versions of all safe environment forms

Resources for Safe Environment Coordinators