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Presbyteral Council

The Presbyteral Council assists the bishop in the fulfillment of his pastoral ministry by serving as a principal consultative body. The Presbyteral Council, comprised of diocesan and religious priests who are elected, appointed, and ex officio members, functions in accordance with canons 495-501 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

Most Rev. Peter A. Libasci, D.D., president
Very Rev. Richard H. Dion, chairman
Very Rev. Marc R. Gagne, vice chairman
Rev. David L. Kneeland, secretary

Ex Officio Members

Very Rev. Georges F. de Laire, J.C.L., Vicar for Canonical Affairs
Very Rev. Jason Y. Jalbert
Very Rev. Shawn M. Therrien

Elected Members

One year terms (2018-2019)
Rev. Marc B. Drouin. Lakes Region Deanery
Rev. Volney J. DeRosia, Rockingham Deanery
Rev. David L. Kneeland, White Mountain Deanery

Two year terms (2017-2019)
Very Rev. Richard H. Dion, Amoskeag Deanery
Rev. Steven M. Kucharski, Monadnock Deanery
Rev. Ray J. Labrie, Souhegan Deanery
Rev. Msgr. C. Peter Dumont, Retired Priests
Rev. John Bucchino, O.F.M., Non-Incardinated Priests

Three year terms (2017-2020)
Rev. Adrien Longchamps, Capital Deanery
Rev. Andrew Nelson, Seacoast Deanery
Very Rev. Shawn M. Therrien, Upper Valley Deanery

Appointed Member
Rev. Michael S. Taylor, J.C.L.