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Ukraine’s ‘Trail of Tears’

Editor’s Note: Photojournalist Tom Roy traveled to Poland for Parable in early April to meet with Becca Connelly of Wolfeboro, N.H. While there, he met with other Granite Staters who volunteered to help the victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The experience, he said, was “life changing.”

By Tom Roy

After arriving at the old Tesco shopping center turned into a displacement center in Przemysl, Poland, you meet many “lost souls.” [Some] are introduced to Becca Connelly and Hunter Baldridge, who care for them out of kindness. The refugees feel safer, but they still are vulnerable and really don’t know where they will end up. But at least for now, they have a safe place to sleep, access to medical care, and wifi to contact loved ones at home in Ukraine.

As a father, grandfather and husband, I can only imagine if the worst happened to my loved ones and how I would want someone to help my family get to a secure and safe place. The volunteers I met are making a difference – one family at a time.

Want to learn more about how Becca Connelly of Wolfeboro is helping Ukrainians escape to Poland? Please click here to learn how you and your parish can receive Parable.

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Our New Priests: Disciples of All Nations

By Paul McAvoy | Photography by Charlene Graham

After the Resurrection, Christ gave the apostles what’s known as the Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations. The Twelve journeyed to distant lands to spread the Gospel, igniting a fire of faith that continues to burn to this day. Now, more than 2,000 years later, people still feel called to travel to foreign lands to preach and share the good news. Among them are two of the three seminarians who were ordained priests in the Diocese of Manchester on June 4. Both traveled great distances to share their vocations with the people of New Hampshire, which all three now call home.

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Dear Father Kerper

In Praise of Our Ancestors

Dear Father Kerper: The Church speaks a lot about the importance of family life. But when it comes to Jesus we hear only about the Holy Family, which had just three very unusual people. How can we imitate Jesus when we always see him alone and separated from his blood relatives?

You’re correct. Scripture gives us almost no specific information about the Lord’s family life. Indeed, he does seem solitary. However, when we take a wider look at Scripture we discover a strong emphasis on family and ancestry. Though much of the Lord’s life prior to his public ministry remains hidden, we may presume that his family life resembled that of other people. For sure, he had cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

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Creating a Family Prayer Life

If I had one wish for Catholic media, it would be this: change how family prayer is depicted. We can’t seem to get away from idyllic images of a clean-cut family piously kneeling in a circle in their tidy living room, hands clasped, heads bowed, everybody reverent. Nobody is scowling, looking bored, licking the cat, or sticking their hands down their pants – even though, in many families, that is far closer to a typical evening, if they manage to get prayers said at all.

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