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Families Drawn to Catholic Schools’ Enduring Values

By Cori Urban | Photography by Charlene Graham

Jamie Nadeau is the product of a “wonderful, all-encompassing Catholic school education.” She attended West Side Catholic — now Saint Benedict Academy — in Manchester, and found “having God in the picture made it a better experience.” She dreamed her children also would attend Catholic schools and share in this life-changing experience.

Challenging academics, great teachers, character development, discipline, smaller classes, strong friendships and extras like French language instruction make Catholic education unique, says Jamie, a single mother and parishioner of Ste. Marie Parish in Manchester who works as an area director at Community Integrated Services there.
These enduring values have drawn families to Catholic education for generations.

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top PARABLE JoeNaff

Joe Naff: A Legacy of Listening

By Kathryn Marchocki | Photography by Tom Roy

In the two decades since the public learned of the painful breadth of child sexual abuse by clergy, the work of helping those harmed or broken by abuse in New Hampshire largely fell to one person, Joe Naff. He did it by listening. He wanted them to know they were heard. Perhaps bring them a measure of hope – and healing. Some said he had a gift.

Naff handled the initial meetings with scores of victim-survivors who reported their abuse by clergy and staff in the Diocese of Manchester. Many unleashed years of pent-up anger, hurt and betrayal. Naff listened with calm compassion and without judgment, former colleagues say. Today, Naff credits the victim-survivors’ courage to come forward with helping to change the culture of the Church.

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top PARABLE Kerper

Dear Father Kerper

Dear Father Kerper: Through the years I’ve always struggled with saying my prayers, especially the rosary. I feel very guilty because I promise to make time for my prayers, but I fail to follow through. For example, I find it very difficult to say a whole rosary. When I stop I feel like I’ve cheated Our Lord and Our Lady by never finishing the prayers I’ve promised to say. I feel like a hamster running on a wheel without getting anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

Actually you’re not doing anything wrong. Rather, you’ve settled into a frustrating routine of relying on a single form of prayer — “saying my prayers.” While many faithful Catholics share your predicament, we can all move beyond the wheel in the cage. Hamsters can’t.

Here’s the good news. Your long-term attempts to pray indicate good faith. Please remember that the Lord alone knows our hearts; and he alone judges the quality of our prayer. So you have not wasted your time “saying prayers” in the wheel. Just as hamsters benefit from endlessly running in their wheels, you too have benefited from trying your best to connect with the Lord.

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