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The 'Home of Boundless Love'

This past spring, amid our own present worries, a story of love and courage bloomed in radiant colors at Holy Trinity Church in Somersworth, N.H. It’s a story that began on a frigid Christmas Eve in 1944 in a small village deep in Nazi-occupied Holland. Mayor Jan Elders took a risk and smuggled a German couple, the Froehlichs, into the back pew of his local Catholic church so they could attend Midnight Mass. Georg Froehlich was Jewish, but his wife, Edith, was a Catholic convert with Jewish ancestry. 

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Dear Father Kerper

Dear Father Kerper: For many years, my parents have supported the Church’s charitable works and taught us to respect all people regardless of race. I’m teaching my children the same. But I recently read a disturbing statement about racism from a Catholic leader. He said: “For me as a white person, saying I’m not a racist is like saying a fish is not wet. In America, racism is no longer a question but rather it’s the toxic water in which we all swim.” It appears that the Church is identifying my family and me as racists regardless of our behavior and values. Can you clarify what the Church teaches about these matters?

Thanks for sharing your concern about what sounds like an accusation of universal and unrepentant racism among all faithful Catholics. This statement actually came from a mid-level employee of a small Catholic diocese on the West Coast. His assertion of “systemic racism” expresses a specific academic theory, not Catholic doctrine. While Catholics can hold different opinions and theories about racism, we need to know exactly what the Church proposes as true and certain.

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Journeys to the Prieshood

By Paul McAvoy | Photography by Jeff Dachowski

You want to be the best priest you can possibly be. So there is the idea, what do we need to be as a priest?”

These are the reflections of Rev. Joshua M. Livingston, who was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Manchester June 6 with Rev. Ryan C. Amazeen. Father Livingston was eager to begin priestly ministry this summer, crediting a good background forged in seminary and his diocesan parish assignments as a transitional deacon.

“When you’ve been preparing for the priesthood for so long,” he says, “it is a joy to experience some of that ministry as a deacon, and I’m looking forward even more to priestly ministry.”

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top PARABLE Fisher

The Ouija Board Isn’t Just a Game

This is the time of year when my kids start begging to visit those pop-up Halloween shops that appear in vacant storefronts. We let them go, but we use caution, because the aisle with silly wigs and spooky skeletons is right next to the aisle with Ouija boards and pentagram necklaces. One minute you're having fun, and the next minute you're literally summoning spirits. Like so much of parenting, dealing with issues like magic, occultism and plain old spookiness is a balancing act; and like most balancing acts, there's danger on both sides. 

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