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PARABLE Cover250 0324Welcome to the latest edition of Parable! Click on the image on the left to see the full edition. See the links below to read individual articles.


Creation: A Litany of Ceaseless Wonder and Praise

“Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord! Praise and exalt Him above all forever!”

These words are enshrined in the Bible (Dn 3:57-88) as the opening words of a song, a hymn of praise, an ode to God for all the blessings to be found in all creation.

The heavens beyond our sight, where angels glorify the majesty of God, are praised for their beauty and endless boundaries that stretch beyond our imagination.

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Home Away From Home

Camps Bernadette and Fatima Celebrate Decades of Faith and Fun

By Andrew Thibault

Lucy Watkins of Whitefield came to Camp Bernadette nervous and shy, but the 8-year-old left independent, outgoing and much more responsible, according to her mom, Abigail.

“Lucy’s faith grew stronger along with her self-esteem,” Watkins said. “The positive changes we have seen in our daughter are miraculous.”

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Turning the Page

Dear Father Kerper, This Isn’t Good-bye

For the past 16 years, faithful readers have turned to these pages of Parable counting on that kind of familiarity and assurance, and they have received it graciously from Father Michael Kerper, a columnist whose warmth and wisdom have greeted them since Parable’s very first issue.

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Why Forgiveness is So Hard — and So Necessary

Revisiting a Conversation on Forgiveness with Abbot Matthew Leavy 

By Gary Bouchard

Reflecting recently on the amount of suffering and injustice that afflicts so much of our world right now, as well as the many divisive hurts within so many people’s lives in our own nation, neighborhoods and families, we decided this Lent to reprise a conversation we had with Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B., way back in 2008.

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Contemplating redemption in The Mayor of Casterbridge

When colder weather sets in and I am on semester break, I love to curl up and lose myself in a long, lush novel — something by one of the Brontës or George Eliot, or my favorite, Thomas Hardy.

Hardy’s novels unfold in the semi-fictional landscape of Wessex in southwest England, filled with verdant hills and fields, windy heaths and menacing shadowy woodlands. The English countryside figures so prominently in his novels that one might consider it a character in its own right.

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Easter Can be a Time of Joy — and Grief

Last night, I watched an alto and a baritone sing back and forth to each other, "O death, where is thy sting?"

It was part of Handel's "Messiah," the three-hour-long oratorio often performed at Christmas, but originally meant as an Easter piece.

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Turn to St. Mary Magdalene and St. Cleopas as Spiritual Guides this Season

Embracing the Lenten season as a means to spiritually prepare myself for the celebration of Easter has always been so important to me.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite ways to do this is by diving deep into the experiences of those who walked alongside Jesus during His public ministry, the concluding days of His earthly sojourn and were witnesses to His Resurrection.

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‘We are All Really Responsible for All’

Catholic Social Teaching, or CST, is a term we often hear bandied about during election time. But there is no magical time to talk about CST. As the name indicates, it actually relates to all aspects of the life we live in society each and every day.

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One Cannot Walk With Jesus and Be Unchanged

As the woman made her way forward for Holy Communion, a small white pin on her jacket flickered as it reflected the light above. The text it carried and the figure of Jesus and the cross beside it, all spoke to a moment emblazoned in her heart.

As she received the Lord in the Eucharist, she stood at the beautiful intersection of faith and action.

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