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'Mr. Mom'

When Peter Eldredge’s adult daughter — who has cerebral palsy — first saw him decked out in his bold Stars and Stripes jacket, she saluted.

The memory of her wide-eyed wonder still brings a smile to Pete’s face, evident only by the sparkle and squint of his eyes above the face mask that he wears during the pandemic.

The U.S. Air Force veteran sits in the children’s room of his church, Holy Trinity in Somersworth, talking about what matters most to him: faith, patriotism and his beloved Samantha.

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Dear Father Kerper

Dear Father Kerper: For many years, I turned to the popes for guidance about matters of faith and morals. All of them, from Pius XII through Benedict XVI, taught clearly. Pope Francis, however, seems uninterested in doctrine and more concerned with secular issues like global warming, immigration and other such things. Doctrine and spiritual matters are the most important things in the Church. Why has the pope neglected to teach doctrine?

Like you, many good Catholics find Pope Francis very different from other popes they’ve known. As you note, he rarely speaks directly about Catholic doctrines such as classical explanations of the Eucharist, various types of grace and distinctions among sins.

This should not surprise us. After all, the reign of each pope coincides with a unique set of events, some very troublesome and unexpected. Moreover, each pope has a distinctive personality and biography. These shape his ways of communicating, governing and even worshipping. 

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MAN0121 Pg14 15 Feature HelenPhil LEDE PHOTO A

Pictured above: Helen Heiner and Philip Turner at home. Framed photos of Ruth Turner and Dr. Jay R. Heiner, their first spouses who have died, are prominently displayed in the bookcase at left.

Love, Again

By Paul McAvoy | Photography by Tom Roy

It’s not unusual that people will share with us the good feedback they get when they have been featured in a Parable article – but it is unusual to hear that one of our articles sparked a romance and ultimately a marriage! This Valentine’s Day, Parable is very happy to share with you a New Hampshire Catholic love story – the story of Helen Heiner and Philip Turner, a couple brought together, in part, by this very magazine. 

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top PARABLE Fisher

Getting Through Life's Highs and Lows

A wonderful thing happened the other day: I realized I had bronchitis. Only bronchitis, just like I get every year. It was wonderful because I realized, like I do every year, that I hadn't suddenly become lazy and useless, but was legitimately sick, just like every year. And, like every other year, I would probably feel better soon.

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