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top PARABLE CCNH75thPictured above: St. Charles School students Zuri Rogers, front, and Grady Cronin, enjoy a few moments before the school day begins while Sister Mary Agnes Dombroski watches from the porch. Sister Mary Agnes is executive director of the school. (Photo by Matthew Lomanno)

Catholic Charities at 75

A Powerful Past

On Jan. 17, 1945, a major storm buried New Hampshire beneath 22 inches of snow on the very day Matthew Brady was to become the fifth Bishop of Manchester. Undeterred, the state’s war-weary, though resolute, Catholics proceeded with the installation of their new bishop, who would oversee the largest expansion in the diocese’s history (adding 27 new parishes with over 50,000 new members in his 14 years). But first, he tended to the immediate needs of his people. And so with $10,000 and a room at St. Patrick’s Orphanage in Manchester, Bishop Brady established Catholic Charities of New Hampshire.

The bishop appointed Msgr. James McGreal as Catholic Charities’ first director with a charge to address the state’s growing need for elder care. The result would be four homes for the aged run by Carmelite and St. Vincent de Paul nuns, who made it possible for residents to live independently for one dollar a day.

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top PARABLE Kerper

Dear Father Kerper

Dear Father Kerper: I feel trapped. The government forces me to do lots of things against my conscience. My tax money, for example, pays for things I regard as immoral. And many large corporations, whose products I need and buy, favor abortion and “family planning.” How can I operate in our society without sharing in evil? It seems impossible.

Thank for your very timely comments and question. I commend you for thinking carefully about the moral aspects of your choices, many of which may entwine you with evil. In today’s world, everything becomes interconnected and some evil things remain deeply hidden, even within “mainstream” corporations and organizations.

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PARABLE Stewardship

Pictured above: Students and staff surround Father Kyle Stanton at a cookout held to thank donors whose contributions helped to open Salve Regina Academy in Gorham in 2019.

Parish Stewardship: Sharing Our Treasures

By Paul McAvoy 

How many of you face a roof repair or ailing furnace? Perhaps you want to send your children to a school that not only offers stellar academics, but also is grounded in strong Christian values. Or you may want to organize a food pantry or other social ministry for your neighbors in need.

As individuals, we make these decisions all the time in caring for our homes, families and community. It's the same for us as Church.

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top PARABLE Fisher

Helping kids cope with grief

Nobody really knows how to deal with death. As painful and mysterious as grieving is for adults, it’s even harder to know how to help kids deal with this deep sorrow.

Catholic parents do have an advantage over atheists or agnostics, when helping kids work through loss and grief. We can confidently tell our children we hope to see our beloved dead again at the Second Coming. We can find comfort in praying for their souls. And there is solace in our faith’s rituals and ceremonies surrounding death and burial.

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