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top PARABLE CathedralRestorationPictured above: The Very Rev. Jason Jalbert gestures while giving a tour of the newly restored St. Joseph Cathedral in Manchester. (David Lane/Union Leader)

Restored to Glory

St. Joseph Cathedral’s new look echoes its history

By Rosemary Ford
Photos Courtesy of the New Hampshire Union Leader

As a carpenter skilled with the tools of his trade and a man who built and rebuilt things with an eye to their strength and beauty, St. Joseph would likely have a deep appreciation for the current restoration of the diocesan cathedral named in his honor.

Standing with the Very Rev. Jason Jalbert as he points out the many signs and symbols of St. Joseph’s presence in the newly restored walls and ceiling, and hearing him describe the painstaking process of the restoration, one comes to appreciate that the beloved patron saint of the diocese may very well have had a guiding hand in the ongoing project.

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top PARABLE FoleyPictured above: (l) Father Robert F. Cole, pastor of St. Katharine Drexel Parish, speaks during the ceremony. (r) The image of James Foley on Vermont granite stands more than 6-feet tall on the grounds of his former parish. Funded through donations, the memorial “says we are his family, and we are so inspired by him we wanted to do something special to inspire the next generation,” Deacon Charles A. Ferraro says.

‘You Don’t Forget Who This Man Is’

Parish Honors War Correspondent James Foley With Memorial

By Cori Urban
Photos by Rosemary Sullivan

When James Foley was growing up at the former St. Cecilia Parish in Wolfeboro, he was not overly religious. Still, he was dutiful as an altar server for eight years and enthusiastic as a Teen Encounter participant.

The seeds of faith, planted at home, were nurtured in the parish and through the teen program. Later, they blossomed at Marquette University in Wisconsin, where the motto “Be the Difference,” encouraged James to tutor in the inner city, volunteer for trips to Native American reservations, serve in Habitat for Humanity, and after graduation to join the Teach for America corps for impoverished inner cities.

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top PARABLE Kerper

The Wise Men: Fact or Fiction?

Dear Father Kerper: Ever since I was a child, the Wise Men have fascinated me. As I got older, I became confused, especially when I saw the Wise Men in the Nativity scene in our church. St. Matthew’s Gospel clearly says they saw the Christ child in a house, not a stable. I started to think: If the Church can’t get the Nativity scene right, maybe the Wise Men never existed. Were they real? If they were, how did the Church get the story so mixed up?

Your comments touch upon two separate issues: first, the “inerrancy” of sacred Scripture; and second, the Church’s manner of depicting biblical stories through words and visible displays such as Nativity scenes.

“Inerrancy” means that sacred Scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit, never makes false propositions. However, this guarantee of truthfulness protects only core truths of our faith, not the details.

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top PARABLE Fisher

Rooting Out Ableism, Leading With Kindness

By Simcha Fisher

Most parents would agree: We don't want to raise kids who are ableist – who treat and regard people with disabilities as if they’re inferior. But it's not as easy as wishing.

There's been a vast cultural shift in the last few decades, and it was only in the '70s that kids with special needs first began to be integrated into mainstream classrooms. And so many adults today have good intentions, but scant experience.

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