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Opportunities for Giving

New Hampshire Catholic Appeal

button NHCAThe New Hampshire Catholic Appeal (NHCA) is an annual appeal managed by the Diocese of Manchester in parishes across the state. It is held each spring and benefits important ministries that provide for our faith both now and in the future. The NHCA is not a diocesan fund nor a Bishop’s fund. It is a ministry fund for Catholic education, seminarians, retired priests, missions and multicultural efforts, evangelization through our diocesan magazine, parish support, and Catholic Charities New Hampshire. For more information, please visit this page. 

Supporting Ukraine

button UkrainePlease see this memo for agencies and opportunities to give to Ukraine.

Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund

button bcafEstablished in 1985, the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is a not-for-profit organization within the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. The Fund enables the Bishop of Manchester, through a board of directors, to make grants to not-for-profit organizations without regard to religious affiliation for projects that help people in New Hampshire meet their basic needs. Volunteer lay men and women, who serve as Directors, make recommendations to the Bishop of Manchester for grants with an emphasis on meeting basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, heat and other necessities. The grants go to organizations in New Hampshire whose mission and operations are consistent with the mission of the Roman Catholic Church. For more information, both on giving to the BCAF and applying for grants, please visit this page

Diocesan and National Collections

button collectionsThe Diocese hosts a variety of second collections throughout the year in the parishes of the Diocese. Some collections are diocesan, meaning the funds stay for a ministry or cause within the state (e.g., Seminarian Fund, Priest Retirement Trust Fund, etc.), and some are national or international, meaning the funds collected are distributed by national organizations such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or Catholic Relief Services. Please visit our homepage for our collections for more information.

Parable Magazine

button parableParable is the official magazine of the Diocese and the Bishop of Manchester. When the Lord Jesus revealed the truth about the Kingdom of God, he did so through the use of parables. In every parable he shared with us the healing, forgiving, and caring aspects of the Father’s great love for us. In imitating the Lord in this way, Parable Magazine is an instrument for the Diocese of Manchester to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ through the stories of the faithful in New Hampshire. For more information on how to give to Parable Magazine, please visit this page.

Catholic Schools and the St. John Neumann Catholic Education Trust

button neumanntrustThere are a variety of ways to contribute to the Catholic Schools of New Hampshire, please visit the Schools giving page to learn more ((link to schools giving page, to come out from under CSO and to this page). In particular, the St. John Neumann Education Trust Fund is the primary way you can contribute to Catholic Education. was established in August 2017 from a combination of generous donations, and other trusts, including the 1986 Catholic Schools Education Fund, dedicated to the advancement of Catholic education in the state of NH. This trust is for the general benefit of NH Catholic Schools, as well as providing financial assistance to students desiring a Catholic education. An advisory committee makes recommendations on the distribution of the Trust once a year. Please visit the St. John Neumann Education Trust homepage for more information on how to give. 

Giving to Your Parish or School

button parishLocal giving is imperative to making our faith stand the test of time. Please visit the Parish Directory or School Directory to locate the mailing address for sending donations. Alternatively, most parishes have online giving available, please click here for the full listing.