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NFP Centers, Practitioners, and Teachers

The Women’s Wellness and Fertility Center

The Women’s Wellness and Fertility Center is the first and only practice in New England wholly dedicated to providing OB/GYN care and restorative reproductive medicine consistent with the Religious and Ethical Directives of Catholic Healthcare Standards. Women and couples finally have a local resource for reproductive care that honors their practice of the faith.

Medical Office Building/Catholic Medical Center
88 McGregor Street
Suite 201
Manchester NH 03102
Phone: (603) 314-7595

Gianna Family Care Center, Londonderry, NH

Creighton Model FertilityCare Centers
Creighton Model FertilityCare Services is a system that has been researched and developed at Creighton University School of Medicine and is taught by FertilityCare Practitioners Certified by the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals.

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Couple to Couple League Teachers
One of the languages the human body “speaks” is the language of love, spoken in a unique way by the sexual powers. At its core, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is really learning about this language of the sexual powers by observing, recording and interpreting the bodily signs of human fertility. In other words, NFP is fertility awareness, the knowledge of a couple’s fertility, and is a means of reading the body’s signs of fertility and infertility. Applying this knowledge through the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of NFP, which CCL teaches, is over 99% effective in postponing pregnancy.

CCL has a three-fold approach to teaching NFP:

The Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP.
The moral underpinnings for the NFP decision.
The promotion of exclusive and continued breastfeeding and its effect on fertility

Find a Couple to Couple League Teacher near you:

Paul & Barbara Donovan
Deerfield, NH (willing to travel)
(603) 463-7456

Thomas & Sherri Larson
Goffstown, NH
(603) 497-5751

Paul & Jenny Swope
Derry, NH  (willing to travel)
(603) 479-3895

Additional Couple to Couple League NFP Course opportunities, including online offerings.