Creating a Prayer Corner

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Creating a Prayer Corner

Looking for a way to live your Catholic faith without leaving the house? Consider creating or updating a prayer space in your home with these five simple steps. 

CornerStep 1 - Choose Your Corner

Walk through your living spaces as a family. Discuss options and choose a spot that will be relatively easy to keep tidy and everyone in the family will see regularly.

CrucifixStep 2 - Discern Your Collection

Crucifix, Bible, and candles are staples, but your prayer corner will take on a unique character over time, developing with the prayer life of the family to include other meaningful items.

RoutineStep 3 - Identify Your Routine

You don't have to start from scratch. Think of your family's daily schedule. When is everyone together? Build a brief prayer ritual around one thing you already do every day.

SensesStep 4 - Engage the Senses

Think of the prayer corner as a pilgrimage site in the comfort of home. Warmth, light, & scent of a candle; holy water; sacred music - these set the space apart and help form memories.

CalendarStep 5 - Use the Church's Calendar

When you're Catholic, there's always something to celebrate. The Church's calendar is packed with observances that provide content and structure for your home prayer.

A Note to Families with Young Children

If you have one or more young children, you may be thinking, 'this all sounds nice, but it's not realistic for us.' The current season of family life may prevent you from following these steps or from keeping even a simple prayer corner intact. That's okay! Making time every day - even a few minutes - for prayer & sharing faith at home is what's important.