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Catholic Charities New Hampshire

Pictured: Lorraine is one of hundreds of seniors who turn to Catholic Charities New Hampshire (CCNH) regularly for the support and resources they need to remain independent and live life to the fullest each day. Credit: Courtesy/CCNH

Caring for our seniors

Losing a spouse in your golden years is a heavy cross to bear. On top of grieving and readjusting to a new “normal,” some find themselves falling behind in lots of ways: self-care, self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

For Lorraine, and many like her, falling behind on a utility bill meant having to make some tough decisions: Should she put the milk back on the grocery store shelf? Should she cut a pill in half to stretch her supply? Or, should she use emergency candles to read at night, just to save energy?

Reaching out to Catholic Charities New Hampshire (CCNH) meant this widow could keep it all — the milk in her cart, the full dose that helps her manage her health condition and the electricity to power the lamp she had bought on vacation with her late husband.

Lorraine not only had help in a very stressful situation, but she’s now on the path to stability thanks to the resources available to her through CCNH programs and services.

Helping people age where they are — independently and in their homes — is one of the best ways we can keep our seniors healthy, in mind and spirit. Whether it’s food deliveries to help them free up resources for medications, rides to appointments, or a network of resources to keep them engaged socially, you, and we collectively are bringing hope, care, compassion and smiles to those who need them most.

Visit or scan the QR code below to find out more about how our seniors are getting the resources they need or to explore the many volunteer opportunities available.

PARABLE CCNH QR 0124CCNH senior services are provided by the CareGivers and Monadnock at Home programs, and are not supported by the New Hampshire Catholic Appeal (NHCA). The NHCA supports CCNH’s community services, one of CCNH’s 10 core programs.

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