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Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning is just what it sounds like: a 100% natural way for spouses to plan the size of their family. It is an extremely effective method for achieving, or temporarily avoiding, pregnancy, depending on the couple’s situation and intent.

It’s not something added superficially to the relationship. Rather, Natural Family Planning is simply a means for couples to further embrace the God-given gift of fertility they already enjoy within the context of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Nine Reasons to Say Yes to Natural Family Planning

Natural Methods of Family Planning:

  1. Are as effective to avoid pregnancy as any other method of family planning, including the birth control pill when taught and used correctly.
  2. Enhances a couple’s relationship.
  3. Respects Life from the moment of conception.
  4. Can be effective with assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, miscarriage, ovarian cysts and PMS.
  5. Are more effective to achieve pregnancy than artificial reproductive technologies, including IVF, for couples experiencing infertility.
  6. Are inexpensive.
  7. Are an investment in your future because they can be used during the your entire procreative life, to plan or avoid pregnancy, coming off of hormonal contraception, breastfeeding, post-partum, Perimenopause or any other situation.
  8. Are a valuable gynecological and health record because of the daily tracking of signs of fertility.
  9. Are a healthy alternative for health-conscious couples.

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Have you and your spouse considered the success and numerous benefits that come along with Natural Family Planning?  

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