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Child Safety

The Diocese of Manchester is strongly committed to keeping children and youth safe in our parishes, schools, camps, institutions, and in the community at large. We strive unceasingly to protect those entrusted to our care and to heal the wounds of those who have been abused.


In this Child Safety section, you will find information about our diocesan Code of Conduct, Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People, training programs for adults and youth, and screening requirements for those who work with minors. You will also find links to public reports, information about those who work within the diocese to ensure that child protection policies are implemented, and guidelines, articles, and materials that focus on child and teen safety.

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For more information, please contact:
Mary Ellen D'Intino
Delegate for Ministerial Conduct
Director of Safe Environment Programs
Compliance Officer
(603) 663-0149


Eve Mongeau
Safe Environment Assistant
(603) 663-0109

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