Vocation Awareness Week

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Vocation Awareness Week

Vocation Awareness Curriculum

During the first week of November, November 4-10, 2018, the nation and our diocese will once again celebrate Vocations Awareness Week. The theme of the diocesan celebration this year is “Called by Name.” In the Scriptures God so often chooses individuals for a unique mission, sometimes giving them a new name to reflect their special calling. Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Mary, and Paul are just some of the many people in Scripture called by name. God doesn’t stop calling men and women in out diocese to a unique vocation, using their gifts and personality to build up the Body of Christ and bring God’s love to the world.

Let us remember to pray for men and women in our diocese who are discerning their vocation and encourage them to pursue God’s personal call. In addition, as a family or an individual, you may want to consider sending a card to a priest or consecrated person this week, thanking them for the gift of themselves given to Christ and to His body, the Church, or invite them to your home for dinner.

The Vocation Office would like to encourage priests, deacons, faith formation and Catholic School teachers, and all Catholics to celebrate Vocation Awareness Week. Vianney Vocations is a good source of resources to promote and pray for vocations. Through their website, www.vocationawarenessweek.com, you can find sample prayers, bulletin and homily ideas, sample curriculum for all grade levels, and other publications. You will find the material easy to use and engaging for all ages.