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Seminarian Fund Collection

We’ve all heard the expression, “The future is in your hands.” Never before has this been more true. As one generation of priests is preparing to retire, our diocese is helping to educate the next generation. Education comes at a price, however. The diocese invests approximately $300,000 annually on tuition, room and board for our seminarians. The annual Seminarian Collection is the primary source of that funding and 100% of every dollar goes toward supporting the education and formation of our young men studying for the priesthood.

The usual training for a young man seeking to become a priest starts with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; for those who have already completed their undergraduate degree in another discipline, one or two years of Pre-Theology are required instead. Four additional years of theological studies in the seminary typically lead to a Master of Divinity degree; after the third year of Theology the candidate is ordained a transitional deacon. After successful completion of the fourth year of Theology, the deacon is ordained to the priesthood.

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How you Can Help

A gift of $100 would almost cover the cost of educating one seminarian for one day. Could you donate enough for one day—or even a half-day? Please make a contribution to the Seminarian Education Fund. For those interested in planned giving, please contact Tom Bebbington at (603) 669-3100 or

Donate online:

“Our Holy Father Pope Francis has said, ‘Becoming a priest or a religious is not primarily our own decision…rather it is the response to a call and to a call of love.’ I hope all Catholics throughout our diocese will join with me in asking God to grant that more men hear and respond to His invitation, and discover the profound joy to be found in serving the people of God as a priest.” ~ Bishop Peter A. Libasci

Did you know?

Newly-ordained priests were often influenced by their families, and involved in church activities.

Are you or someone you know discerning a vocation to the priesthood? Check out for information, resources and community. You can also contact Fr. Jason Jalbert to find out more about how to take the first step:, (603) 663-0153 or visit

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What Can You Do to Help Grow the Priesthood?

Pray for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life daily.

Ask a priest about how he discovered his call.

For parents, talk to your children about God’s call.

Write letters to our seminarians to encourage them as they discern.

Ask your pastor what you can do in the parish to foster vocations.

Get a free book to help a young man discern his vocation at

Visit for more ideas.

16 Ways to Support Vocations

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Prayer for Vocations

Dear God,

Give us vocations to the religious life and to the priesthood,

To bring you to the very little children,

To enlighten the faith of your faithful people,

To open the Gospel to minds unaware of it,

To give your forgiveness to repentant sinners,

To celebrate without ceasing the Divine Sacrifice,

To give your Host to famished souls,

To help the dying, to console those in suffering,

To recall to mind all men that they are brothers and sisters,

To bless our homes, our livelihoods and our land,

And that amongst us your Kingdom may come.

Dear God, give us vocations to the religious life and to the priesthood.