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Quick Discernment Tool

Everyone has a vocation. Everyone is called to holiness.

By virtue of Baptism, each and every Christian has a call to holiness through a life in Christ. All too often, people, for whatever reason, remain unaware of the gifts and talents that might lead them to consider a call to priesthood or consecrated life.

Read these statements to yourself, take them to prayer, then act on what you know is right. God knows, you may be called to the priesthood!

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is important to me.

People have told me I would make a good priest.

Going to Mass and Adoration is very a very important part of my faith life.

The thought of becoming a priest keeps coming back over and over again.

I’m afraid to tell my friends and family that I’ve been thinking about the priesthood.

I feel called to give more of myself to others.

After hearing the readings at Mass I think about how I would preach.

I have a burning desire to help people get closer to Christ and to know the Truth.

I have a strong sense that what I have planned for the future is not what God has planned for me.

If some of these statements reflect how you feel, if your heart is pounding even harder, if you sense a greater desire to find out if God is calling you to live in black and white, get in touch with Fr. Matt Mason! Have no fear, the Lord wants only what is best for you.