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RCIA Coordinator Resources

2020 Rite of Election

The Rite of Election will take place at St. Joseph Cathedral on March 1, 2020.

CLICK HERE to register catechumens from your parish for the Rite of Election 

CLICK HERE for instructions for coordinators or their delegates who will present the catechumens

CLICK HERE for letter including all details and information for Rite of Election

RCIA Coordinators Information Sheet

Many RCIA Coordinators generously volunteer their time and talent to their parishes.Often there is a change in personnel or in contact information such as e-mail, address or telephone. In order to keep the RCIA Coordinator list current, please fill out a printable update form.

You may return the printable form by regular mail or fax (603-669-0377), or fill out the Google form.

You may also send the information in an e-mail to mjsilvia@rcbm.org.

Resources for Parish RCIA Coordinators and Their Pastors

Order of Christian Initiation of Adults - General Information Sheet

Liturgical and Canonical Guidelines for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Acceptance and Welcoming

First Scrutiny

Second Scrutiny

Third Scrutiny

Rite of Sending