Lent Week 1 - Choices

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Lent Week 1 - Choices


Week 1: March 1, 2020
First Sunday of Lent

Genesis 2: 7-9, 3: 1-7; Psalm 51: 3-6, 12-17; Romans 5: 12, 17-19; Matthew 4: 1-11

The readings this Sunday are about choices: the choices made in the Garden of Eden, Jesus’ choices during the temptations in the desert and Jesus’ choices in the Garden of Gethsemane. Gifted with free will, learning how to make good choices is the work of a lifetime. Lent offers us an opportunity to reflect not only on our choices, but to also notice who and what influences our choices and the effects our choices have on other people, events and situations.

This week start by looking at the choices you make in your daily life: what time to get up, what to wear, what to eat, what to do after work/school, etc. Then look more closely at some of the more significant choices: your relationship with God; your personal relationships; your mental, emotional and physical health; your financial stewardship; and your responses to those most in need.


We make many choices each day. As you prepare to live this First Week of Lent think about:

Who or what influences your choices?

Do you want to change anything about the way you make choices?

Ask God to provide you with the grace and help you need to make good choices.


Extend the celebration of Mass by reflecting on how the Word of God is helping you to be more aware of God’s presence in your life. Express your gratitude and joy for God’s love and mercy.


Watch this brief video featuring Archbishop Jose Gomez, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and choose one way you will make choices this week in solidarity with others.

Recall phrases from the Sunday readings or points in the homily that struck you. Talk about them with your spouse, your family, your friends and/or co-workers.