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Walk With Jesus

The diocesan theme for Lent 2022 is Walk with Jesus. The Psalms of Ash Wednesday and each Sunday will serve as the signposts that guide us on our Lenten walk.

The Psalms will be prayed in English and Spanish by a different person each week and posted on the diocesan website. The visuals and music will be suited to the images and mood of each psalm. The psalm will also be available in an audio format only. Both formats will be available for daily prayer and reflection throughout Lent.

Reflection questions and suggested Acts of Mercy will accompany each Psalm. We know that as we Walk with Jesus our prayer and fasting in His company will transform us and recreate us in His image. Time spent with Jesus leads to walking with and caring for others as He did.

The Rice Bowl project through Catholic Relief Services is a path we can walk to learn more about people who live in different countries around the world. The resources are available on the CRS website as well as on the calendar and cardboard rice bowl available for use in homes. The home Rice Bowl and calendar may be available at your parish. CRS links will be shared throughout Lent.

As we Walk with Jesus, we will hold in prayer the Synodal process happening throughout the Church. Rooted in deep listening, the process recognizes the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst as Church and the importance of responding to what we hear and learn while walking with each other.

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Reflection, Prayer and Acts of Mercy for Lent 2022

Ash Wednesday

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord