Lent Week 5 - All Things Made New

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Lent Week 5 - All Things Made New

All Things Made New

Week 5: April 7

Fifth Sunday of Lent
Isaiah 43: 16-21

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This passage was written from the perspective of exiles who were awaiting release from a foreign land. They were always encouraged to remember what God had done throughout salvation history.  Their faith was based on the liberating events of the past. What God had done before, God would surely do again! Israel was a people of memory so they must have been perplexed when God’s spokesman told them to “remember not the events of the past.” Most likely Isaiah was calling them away from too much dependence on the past because it would prevent them from see the astonishing new thing God was doing right before their eyes! God opened the waters so the chosen people could pass through.  God provided refreshing life-giving water in the desert.  This same God can certainly fashion this defeated people into a new and vibrant race.

We are often blinded to the new things God is doing in our lives because of our inordinate dependence on the past. While we are not called to condemn the things of the past, we are challenged to look beyond them to something new.  The end of Bishop Libasci’s pastoral letter asks us to commit to moving forward—to see things with new eyes, to continue to learn and support each other, to reinvigorate our sacramental life, to live “our baptismal call to live in union with the Trinity and with each other and to care for the most vulnerable.” We can trust that God will make all things new!


Remember a time in your life when you felt that God was no longer with you and you began to lose hope. What helped you recall the times that God was with you, supporting you and loving you?


“Our God is the God Who creates newness, because He is the God of surprises.” (Pope Francis, August 2017)  Ask for the grace to be open to the newness God offers you every day.


Christ has the power to transform us completely–from the inside out. He will make all things new. Make a commitment to share this Good News at home, at work, over coffee.