Lent Week 2 - Turning Points

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Lent Week 2 - Turning Points

Turning Points

Week 2: March 17, 2019

Second Sunday of Lent
Luke 9: 28b – 36

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Luke relates in today’s Gospel that Jesus, proclaimed as Son of God at his baptism, appears with Moses and Elijah, two great prophets rejected by the people. The Transfiguration is an experience that gives Peter, James, John and us, a glimpse of the glory of Jesus and the next phase of his ministry, namely his journey to Jerusalem. The experience is a turning point. The voice from the cloud says, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” The disciples are to be attentive to God’s Son as he prepares to return to God via the cross. It requires of them a new way of seeing Jesus and of understanding his mission.

Bishop Libasci states in “A Call to Hope, A Call to Act” that strengthening our commitment to lifelong faith formation involves “hope and excitement as well as some concerns.” He continues, “It will require new ways of seeing and doing what has been happening for many years in faith formation.” Like the disciples “overcome by sleep”, we may be comfortable doing things the same way year after year. We may see faith formation as something just for children and teens. Realizing we do not know everything about our faith is the first step toward becoming “fully awake” and seeing things in a new light.

Our baptism marks us as disciples of Christ sent to share the Good News of God’s Kingdom. Lent is a time of preparation for recommitting ourselves to our baptism at Easter. Our fasting, prayer and acts of charity help us to be “fully awake” to grace, the life of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit within us.


What is one area of your life you need to see in a new light? What is one way you can reach out to people beyond your parish community and share the Good News of Christ with them?


Turning points are significant moments in life. Remember in your prayer people you know, especially young adults, who are facing turning points in their lives. It may be in terms of their vocation, career, faith, finances, housing, etc. Specifically name in your prayer the people you know in these circumstances and entrust them to God’s guidance and care.


Set aside time each day this week to be more attentive to the ordinary events in your daily life: the people, places and things. Open yourself to the possibility of being transformed by the beauty and simplicity of their ordinariness.