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The Easter Vigil is the "Mother of All Vigils." Easter Sunday, then, is the greatest of all Sundays, and Easter Time is the most important of all liturgical times. Easter is the celebration of the Lord's resurrection from the dead, culminating in his Ascension to the Father and sending of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. There are 50 days of Easter from the first Sunday to Pentecost. It is characterized, above all, by the joy of glorified life and the victory over death, expressed most fully in the great resounding cry of the Christian: Alleluia!

Continue the Journey 

Lent prepares us for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the 50-day celebration of Easter. Continue the journey with a weekly series reflecting on our baptismal call as members of the Body of Christ. 

Week 1 - The Resurrection and Mission of the Christian

Week 2 - The "Who" of the Mission

Week 3 - The "Why" of the Mission

Week 4 - The “How” of the Mission

Week 5 - The “When” of the Mission

Week 6 - The Resurrection and Caesar, Then and Now

Week 7 - The Spirit and the Mission

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Photo Gallery

Click here to see a selection of photos from the 2019 Easter Vigil Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, courtesy of Jeff Dachowski.