Advent in Your Home - Week Two

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Advent in Your Home - Week Two

The Domestic Church - Advent in Your Home - Week Two

Advent Wreath Prayer for Week 2

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Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dec. 9 (observed)

immaculate conception500During the second week of Advent we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This feast celebrates Mary’s conception without original sin. This gave Mary the special ability to fulfill her vocation as the mother of God. Like John the Baptist Mary invites us to a personal relationship with Christ. We might try to imitate Mary in her trust and obedience to God’s call in our lives.

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Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dec. 12

our lady of guadalupe 4x6In 1531 Juan Diego, a native Mexican, was walking to Mass when the Blessed Mother, dressed as an Aztec princess, appeared to him. She spoke to Juan Diego in his native language and sent him to the bishop of Mexico with a request to build a church on the site. When Juan Diego told the bishop, he demanded a sign before he would believe the story. The Blessed Mother told Juan Diego to pick roses on the site. Although it was December and freezing, roses were in full bloom. Juan Diego gathered the roses in his tilma, a cactus-cloth cape. When he shook them out in front of the bishop, an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was imprinted on Juan Diego's tilma.

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St. Lucy, Memorial, Dec. 13

Lucy 150There are very few historical facts about St. Lucy and several traditions and customs in both Italy and Scandinavia have grown up in relation to her. Nevertheless, St. Lucy remains an inspiration for all Christians, especially young people. One fact we do know is that a man who wanted to marry her was very disappointed when she refused. He then accused her of being a Christian and she was executed in Sicily in 304 A.D. In the midst of a pagan world, Lucy stood firm in her dedication to Christ. Today, being faithful to one’s faith and having the moral courage to remain pure shines as a clear and strong witness in a world that promotes instant pleasure and gratification. As the patroness of eyesight, Lucy continues to challenge and inspire us to be and to share the Light of Christ in our world.

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St. Lucy Let There Be Light

Prayer to Saint Lucy

O God, our Creator and Redeemer, mercifully hear our prayers that as we venerate your servant, Saint Lucy, for the light of faith you bestowed upon her, you would increase and preserve this same light in us that we may be able to avoid evil, to do good, and to resist the blindness and the darkness of evil and of sin. Relying on your goodness, O God, we humbly ask you, by the intercessory prayers of your servant, Saint Lucy, that you would give perfect vision to our eyes, that they may serve for your greater honor and glory and that we may come to the enjoyment of the unfailing light of the Lamb of God in paradise. Saint Lucy, virgin and martyr, hear our prayers and obtain our petitions. Amen.

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St. John of the Cross, Memorial, Dec. 14

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Museo Nacional de Arte [Public domain]

Ordained a Carmelite priest in 1567 at age 25, John met Teresa of Avila and like her, vowed himself to the primitive Rule of the Carmelites. As partner with Teresa and in his own right, John engaged in the work of reform, and came to experience the price of reform: increasing opposition, misunderstanding, persecution, imprisonment. He came to know the cross acutely—to experience the dying of Jesus—as he sat month after month in his dark, damp, narrow cell with only his God.

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Art and Faith

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Absolon Stumme, “Hamburg Altar (The Tree of Jesse),” 1499

Prepare for Christmas and deepen your experience of the Advent season this year with Arts & Faith: Advent from Loyola Press. Each week we’ll provide a video commentary about a work of art inspired by the Sunday Scriptures. Use these videos to take a new look at this season of hope and preparation through the lens of sacred art.

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