Advent Week Three - Cycle A

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Advent Week Three - Cycle A

Third Sunday of Advent, December 15, 2019

Isaiah 35: 1-6a, 10Psalm 146: 6-10James 5: 7-10

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We hear from Isaiah again this week and this passage reflects hope for the return to the paradise of creation—the desert in bloom, strong hands, firm knees, and hearts that are brave.  St. James encourages the poor and those who experience trials and tribulations to endure patiently and to be joyful. The gospel poses a challenge and an invitation—be messengers of the Lord, witness to God’s mighty deeds in our everyday lives, turn our attention to the poor and announce the good news. The readings speak about a world transformed and as we celebrate Eucharist, we are called to be transformed in heart and mind. Eucharist nourishes us so that we may have the courage to be open to this transformation and to go out and share the good news.


The readings this week give us a blessed opportunity to discern how we will make the reign of God present in our midst. John called the people of his day to repentance and reminded them of God’s forgiveness and redemption. Through the Eucharist we are given God’s help and freedom from sin. The Eucharist also prepares us for the Incarnation: …”may this Eucharist bring us your divine help, free us from our sins, and prepare us for the birthday of our Savior.” (Third Sunday of Advent, “Prayer after Communion,” The Sacramentary)

For Reflection this week:

Jesus is telling us he has come to reach out to the poor and suffering. As his disciples, we are called to do the same. Who are these people in our world today?

What signs have you been given to know that the reign of God is in our midst?

How does your understanding of today’s scriptures call you to transformation?


When praying the responsorial psalm, meditate on the ways you’re asking God to “come and save” you.

During the quiet meditation time after communion, recall the words of St. James, “You, too, must be patient.” Ask God to give you the patience you need.

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This week, proclaim the Good News by preparing a meal or care package for someone who doesn’t have what they need to make it through each day.

Take time each day to notice and give thanks for the signs and wonders pointing to God in our midst.

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