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Superintendent's Message

“Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God’s mercy, out of love for us, died on the cross, and out of love he rose again from the dead. That is why we proclaim today: Jesus is Lord!”
~ 2016 Easter address by Pope Francis

Dear Catholic School Community,

Happy Easter! He is risen! Alleluia!

Easter is a reminder for me to pray daily for all our students and their families that they find hope in what sometimes seems a world of darkness. As a father of nine children I am very aware of the dichotomy between what the world teaches and the truth in Jesus Christ. The world teaches them, especially teenagers, that there is no God, there is no sin, and that happiness is found through instant gratification. However, we know this only leads to emptiness, a longing for purpose, a lack of fulfillment, hurt, anger, fear, oppression, addiction, and death without hope. Even worse, our children to whom we try to teach the truth find themselves swimming against the tide, mocked, ridiculed, and literally persecuted for their faith.

But there is hope! Pope Francis said in his Easter address last year, “Along with our brothers and sisters persecuted for their faith and their fidelity to the name of Christ, and before the evil that seems to have the upper hand in the life of so many people, let us hear once again the comforting words of the Lord: “Take courage; I have conquered the world! (John 16:33).” In His resurrection and infinite mercy Jesus makes all things new. This should bring us and our children tremendous hope, comfort, and courage in our continued commitment to remain counter-cultural and light in what seems a world of darkness.

Spring is the season of new life and as the Holy Father stated, “the Easter message of the risen Christ is a message of life for all humanity.” As parents, teachers, mentors, and coaches, let us remember to point out the beauty of new life that surrounds us this spring so our children are reminded of the beauty in God’s creation. Let us also remind them that we are given new life in Christ through His resurrection and that others may recognize this new life after seeing the beauty in their virtue. Their faith, hope, love, and mercy for others will be a witness of beauty in a dark world and attract others to the source of this beauty, Jesus Christ.

May you and your families have a very Happy Easter!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dave Thibault
Superintendent of Catholic Schools