For Students Who Learn Differently

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For Students Who Learn Differently

Achieving Your Best

In Matthew 19:14 we learn of Jesus’ encounter with the children in His presence as He was ministering in Perea. He proclaimed – “let the children come to me!” And in this short passage we come to understand that there is a place for all children in the Kingdom of Heaven. If our Catholic schools are to prepare children to inherit this Kingdom, then it stands to reason that Catholic schools must not only be institutions for academically-capable students. Rather, they must be sanctuaries in which all students, including exceptional learners, can encounter the risen Christ in their studies and through their relationships with others.

Pope Benedict affirmed this universal right to a Catholic education in his 2008 address to Catholic educators when he stated, “no child should be denied his or her right to an education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of a nation”. Pope Francis, in his 2015 address to the Italian Union of Catholic School Teachers, Managers, Educators and Trainers, added that it is the duty for the Christian teacher “to love his or her more difficult, weaker, more disadvantaged students with greater intensity”. Indeed, if Catholic schools are to be places that are committed to the education of all students, then special attention must be given to the most marginalized and disadvantaged.

NH Catholic Schools welcome students with varying learning needs. As small, welcoming communities, we are able to provide many of the same accommodations as public schools. Additionally, our school environment minimalizes classroom distractions and allows for greater focus and individualized attention. We successfully educate scores of students with IEPs and ISPs who come from public schools. It is best to speak with the Catholic school principal to learn more about how your child can achieve his or her best.