Elementary School Curriculum

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Elementary School Curriculum

New Hampshire Catholic elementary schools focus on a traditional academic program grounded in Gospel values and employed successfully for hundreds of years. Catholic elementary schools in New Hampshire offer a comprehensive program for students in grades PreK-8. Catholic schools offer both PreK-6 and PreK-8 structures to meet the diverse needs of the families in the state.

A hallmark of contemporary Catholic education, small class sizes limit classroom distraction and afford students the opportunity to develop a positive, meaningful relationship with their teachers. Catholic school teachers have the experience and expertise to work with a diverse range of students who have many different learning styles.

We understand the demands of a changing world and seek to provide both students and their classrooms with appropriate, safe and updated technology, such as iPads and SMART boards

The one word most often used to describe Catholic schools is community. New Hampshire Catholic schools offer many athletic and extracurricular activities to enrich your child’s experience. Often times, extracurricular activities are at the request of the students and are based on student interest. Examples include: aviation club, cooking club, outdoor club, Lego league, chorus and band. Community is not only paramount to our schools, but also to the faith in which we live.

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