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Admissions Policy

Every Catholic child whose parents or guardians are registered in a Catholic parish of the Diocese has a right to be considered for admission to a Diocesan regional or parish Catholic school on a space available basis. Students of other religious denominations may be considered for admission, on a space available basis, after all Catholic students have been considered. Principals may exclude from admission those students who, on the basis of objective testing, determined as acceptable by the Catholic school, are unprepared to participate in kindergarten, first grade or subsequent grades. A Catholic school will not finalize acceptance of a student until all registration procedures have been completed, including, but not limited to proper documentation and agreement by the parents to be responsible for the student’s tuition as determined by the school.

The Catholic school will observe the entrance requirements of the state and local school district, regarding age (RSA 193:1), inoculations (RSA 200:38) and physicals (RSA 200:32). Race, national origin, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background will not determine admission to a Catholic school. The school will make known its financial assistance program for needy students. Other admission requirements of the school will be in writing.