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Called to Discipleship

Called to Discipleship is composed of the sixteen hour Core Course and Skills Formation & Retreat Day. It is not necessary to participate in both components of the program unless you want Diocesan Basic Catechist Certification. Many people who take the Core Course are parishioners who want to learn more about their faith. For your convenience, the Core Course: An Introduction to Theology is offered online through the University of Notre Dame STEP Program.

Called to Discipleship is intended for:

Catechists in parishes and Catholic schools
Youth Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers
RCIA Team Members
Anyone in parish ministry
Parishioners interested in enrichment

Core Course

The Core Course is a sixteen hour course consisting of a variety of theological areas of study including Old Testament, New Testament, Sacraments and Liturgy, Morality and Profession of Faith. The course is based on the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults and is offered throughout the Diocese according to published schedules in either a series of eight week nights, e.g., every Wednesday, or a series of three Saturdays.

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Core Course–Online!

The University of Notre Dame’s Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP) has partnered with the Diocese of Manchester to create an online version of the Called to Discipleship Core Course. STEP is an online learning community focused on bringing quality faith formation resources to the faithful for the enrichment of catechists, teachers, catechetical leaders, youth ministers, diocesan administrators, and parishioners. The Core Course is the first component in the Called to Discipleship Program and is open to all adults from the Diocese of Manchester interested in enriching their faith. Visit for more information.

Online Options for the Core Course only

Receive a 50% discount when registering for online courses through The University of Notre Dame’s Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP). From the discount menu, select Diocese of Manchester.

Core Course: Introduction to the Catholic Faith

This course is offered online through 

Core Course for Catholic School Teachers

Upon recommendation by Bishop Libasci, all principals and teachers of religion in grades PreK-12 in diocesan Catholic schools must obtain Basic Catechist Certification prior to September 2014. Principals or teachers hired after September 2014 will have one year to complete the requirement. Teachers with advanced degrees in theology should confirm with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools regarding an exception to this policy.

Catholic Faith and Tradition is the Core Course adapted for Catholic School Teachers.

This course is offered online through STEP: 

Learn more about the program and instructions on how to register.

Register online.

Camino - Formación Teológica por Internet

"El Camino de la Fe" 

Este introducción dinámica a la fe católica basada en el Catecismo Católico de los Estados Unidos para los Adultos se ofrece en línea tres veces al año:

Inscribase en la página web:, (574) 631-3526

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