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What's Happening

Now is a good time to talk with children and teens about personal safety as well as to refresh your knowledge about ways to keep children safe both at home and away from home.

Please take a moment to review some of the following articles, materials, and guidelines that focus on child and teen safety.

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For Parents:

Boundaries Guide for Parents

Faith and Safety Website - Technology Safety Through the Eyes of Faith

Ten Ways to Keep Children Safer

Protecting Your Family from the Dangers of Electronic Pornography

Talking with Your Children About Sexual Abuse

Cell Phones and Parental Controls

Family Discussion Cards

More Articles and Resources for Parents

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For Parish & School Staff:

Boundaries Guide for School Staff

Child Safety: How to Respond

Do You Maintain Appropriate Boundaries?

Do's and Don'ts: Maintaining Boundaries with Minors

Should Adults Text Students

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Five steps you can take to protect children in your care

Social Networking Guidelines

Emergency Plan Guidelines for Parish Faith Formation Programs

Circles of Care lesson plans and forms

Netsmartz lesson plans and forms

More Resources for Safe Environment Coordinators

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For Everyone:

How to Report Suspected Abuse 

USCCB website on the Prevention, Protection, and Accountability 

Prayer Card - Prayer for Protecting God's Children

Printable Rosary Guide

Boundaries for Coaches

Internet Safety Tips for Elementary School Students

Internet Safety Tips for High School Students

Cyber Bullying Information

What is Sexting?