Sample Prayers of the Faithful for April

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Sample Prayers of the Faithful for April

For all those who have experienced abuse in their lives, may they find healing and support.

For the families of abuse victims and the caregivers and professionals who provide support and treatment to victims of abuse. May God provide them with strength as they assist those who have been harmed.

For those who have been sexually abused. May they receive loving support from those around them, may they heal from the scars that were left and may they find peace in God’s love and comfort.

For those who are in abusive situations, may they find the courage to tell someone and may our ears be open to listen to them and assist them.

For those whose spirits are broken because of abuse, may they find hope and the strength to overcome their difficult situation.

For those who have abused others. May they repent and find forgiveness through God’s mercy.

You can download and share a PDF of these prayers here.