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The Diocese of Manchester has comprehensive policies and procedures in place to protect minors as well as adults.

The main documents that outline these policies are the Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal Policy for the Protection of Children (“Policy”) and the Serving Christ, Serving Others Code of Ministerial Conduct (“Code”).

The Code clarifies the general ethical principles that are expected of Church personnel in order to ensure integrity in ministry and sets forth the process for handling violations of these principals. The Code includes general standards for ethical and moral behavior, including preventing sexual harassment, standards for working with minors, and standards for spiritual and pastoral counseling relationships.

The Policy is more specifically focused on preventing, investigating, and remedying sexual abuse of minors and requires that Church personnel comply with state law and enhanced reporting with respect to suspected sexual abuse of minors..

The Code and Policy were first promulgated on December 29, 2003. The Code and Policy are reviewed and revised every four years.

Code & Policy

Code and Policy (11/01/2019) - English | Spanish

Updates to the 2019 Code and Policy

Decree Issuing Code and Policy as Particular Law

Summary of Revisions

Executive Summary of Code - English | SpanishPortuguese | Vietnamese

Executive Summary of Policy - English | Spanish | Portuguese | Vietnamese

Other Policies and Guidelines

Boundaries for Coaches

Boundaries when Teaching Online

CORI Policy 05/2021

Electronic Communications Policy (includes Social Networking Guidelines)

Emergency Plan - Parish Faith Formation Programs

Extern Priest Policy 2/2019

Guidelines for Field Trips/Outings

Holy See Procedures Concerning Sexual Abuse Allegations

Policy for Overnight Trips

Policy for Online Meetings with Minors in Parishes

Registered Sex Offender Guidelines

Screening & Training Protocol 07/15/22

Teen Code of Conduct