2020 Young Adult Virtual Retreat

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2020 Young Adult Virtual Retreat

Are you a young adult living in New Hampshire or Maine? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to set aside all of society's pressures for a while and feel perfect just as you are? Would you like to get to know other Catholic young adults in a relaxed and spirited setting? Then have we got a weekend for you!

2020YA Retreat

Have you ever:

Felt bound by time?

Felt like there is pressure to meet milestones by a certain age (i.e., I need to graduate by age 21, be established in my career by 25, be married by 30, etc.)?

Felt stuck in the past?

Felt overwhelmed by the future?

Wondered how to live in God's time?

Then this is the virtual retreat for you!

The Living in God's time virtual retreat will dive deep into what it means to live on God's time. We will cover topics such as Kairos and Chronos, Identity, Connection, and Letting Go, and Going Down the Mountain (living our faith in the season of Young Adulthood). The schedule for the weekend will include a mix of real-time interactions via video conference and off-line time for personal reflection. The retreat will conclude with a livestreamed Mass in southern Maine that, if conditions allow, registrants will have the option to attend in person.

Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing Equipment will be utilized. For instructions on how to navigate Lifesize CLICK HERE.


Who is invited: Catholic men and women ages 18 to 35

When: 7 p.m. Friday through 12 p.m. Sunday, September 11-13, 2020

Where: Video Conference from the place of your choice

How: Register online using Eventbrite

Co-Sponsors: Diocese of Manchester and Diocese of Portland

Promotional Materials

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CLICK HERE to register


If you live in New Hampshire, email Mary Jane Silvia

If you live in Maine, email Hannah Gonneville

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