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Engaged Couple Enrichment

“Marriage preparation should be a kind of ‘initiation’ to the sacrament of matrimony, providing couples with the help they need to receive the sacrament worthily and to make a solid beginning of life as a family. – Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, no. 207.

There are a number of wonderful formational experiences available for engaged couples today. In consultation with the priest and or parish team preparing you for marriage, you will go through a robust process of formation which will lead up to, and may extend beyond, the celebration of your wedding day. You will likely be directed to one of the following experiences:

A Diocese of Manchester Engaged Couple weekend (contact your pastor or marriage formation coordinator to register)

Transformed in Love, Archdiocese of Boston (in-person)

CatholicMarriagePrep.com (online)

Unveiled (online)