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Share the Journey

A global campaign in support of migrants and refugees will be launched on September 27, 2017 by Pope Francis. The Share the Journey campaign aims to engage the Church and others who care about migrants and refugees, around the world and in the United States. Through education and advocacy, the campaign seeks to affect both personal feelings and opinions as well as public policy. It is a call to prayer, to reflection and to action. Pope Francis will launch the campaign by performing a symbolic gesture of “reaching out” to migrants and refugees, inviting others to join him.

Meme ShareJourney

The campaign asks our brothers and sisters throughout the U.S. to show their compassion and to Share the Journey with the millions of people across the globe who are fleeing poverty, oppression, war and disaster. Just as Jesus journeyed to share the Gospel of love and sacrificed for others, Catholics in the U.S. are being called to share the physical and emotional journey with migrants and refugees by extending the hand of dignity, love and support. We ask that all Catholics begin a journey toward knowing and understanding those among us that need our help since we are all God’s children.

Week of Prayer and Action 

The September 27 launch of the U.S. campaign, Share the Journey, will be followed in the U.S. by a Week of Prayer and Action (October 7–13) when parishes, schools, universities and other institutions and individuals across the country will join in prayer, education and sharing of information about migrants and refugees to support them locally and around the world.

How You Can Participate

Distribute prayer and commitment sheets (in English and Spanish) and say the prayer together as a community.

Use the “Share the Journey” parish toolkit for prayers, bulletin announcements and homilies (in English and Spanish).

Hold a special Mass celebrating refugees and immigrants.

Encourage education by challenging your community to learn about the issues migrants and refugees face. Invite classes and groups to spend some time learning about why people leave their home countries, common myths about the issue, and what the Church teaches.

Spread awareness about the campaign on your website and by using the hashtag #sharejourney on social media. Take a picture reaching out in support of refugees and immigrants and post or publish.