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State House Updates and Don’t Miss Catholics in the Public Square

November 15, 2017

StateHouse440Saturday, November 18 – Pro-Woman, Pro-Family, Pro-Life: Catholic Teaching on Sex and Birth Control

I hope to see many of you at our Catholics in the Public Square event on Saturday. I have had the opportunity to meet our keynote speaker, Gloria Purvis, on several occasions, and she is a dynamic, engaging speaker. And I am excited to hear from Dr. Sarah Bascle and learn more about the Women’s Wellness & Fertility Center at Catholic Medical Center right here in Manchester. If you have not registered yet, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Yesterday was a busy day in Concord and I have great news to share thanks to your advocacy!

Education Savings Accounts

Yesterday, the House Education Committee voted 10-9 to recommend the full House pass SB 193, the bill to create Education Savings Accounts in New Hampshire. Thank you for all your hard work to create a program that will help parents determine the school that best meets the needs of their children. If this bill becomes law, the money for the accounts would be funded by the State (over $3,000 per year for most students), and families would then be able to use the money to pay for different types of education costs, including tuition at Catholic and other private schools.

Legalization of Marijuana

Also yesterday, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee recommended against the legalization of marijuana by a 13-7 vote. We have been hearing from our friends in Colorado about the devastating impacts they are seeing since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized, and this vote was an important step in keeping New Hampshire the beautiful, healthy place we all have come to enjoy, work, and raise our families. We heard from representatives on the Committee that they received many calls in opposition to HB 656 – your advocacy makes a difference.

Abortion Statistics

In other good news, after years of hard work by so many of you, the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee recommended the collection of abortion statistics. HB 471 was introduced to collect data about the abortions performed in New Hampshire but includes safeguards to protect privacy that were included as the result of significant work of a bipartisan team of legislators. New Hampshire is far behind the rest of the country and is one of only two states that does not collect abortion statistics. After a 12-8 vote in the Committee, HB 471 now heads to the full House.

In the coming weeks we will send you more information and talking points about these bills that are expected to reach the House for a vote as early as January 3. In the meantime, as we approach Thanksgiving, please know that I am grateful for the work you do all year and that you remain in my prayers.

Cook Meredith ROUND 250Grateful for all you do,

Meredith P. Cook, Esq.
Director, Office of Public Policy

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