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We are mindful that as Christians we should pray for those who are ill, and those who care for them. As Catholics, we have a particular duty to protect the most vulnerable among us, and we take seriously our responsibility to the broader community, especially seniors and potentially health-challenged family members and friends.

The Diocese continues to monitor developments related to the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) through resources from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) and state and local authorities, and will post the latest information on this page.

For Parishioners and Parishes

Returning to Mass

On May 29, Bishop Libasci announced the return of the celebration of Mass with a congregation. Read Bishop Libasci's Letter to the Faithful Regarding Resuming the Public Celebration of the Eucharist and visit this page for further information.

Previous Correspondence:

Bishop Libasci's 5.19.20 Letter to the Faithful | Spanish

Bishop Libasci's 5.2.20 Letter to the Faithful

Bishop Libasci’s 3.17.20 Letter to the Faithful

Mass continues to be available to the Faithful through the EWTN and Boston Catholic Television and the Diocese of Manchester’s livestreamed Masses.

Livestreamed Masses

CLICK HERE to find a list of livestreamed Masses from our parishes.

Continue to Support Your Parish

Though the suspension of public Masses has ended, our parishes are still experiencing a sharp decrease in their weekly offertory. Please consider donating more to your parish during this time if you have the capacity to do so or signing up for your parish’s online giving service. CLICK HERE to find direct links to each parish’s online giving website, though you can still mail your weekly check or donation to your parish if giving online isn’t feasible for you or your family.


Turn to Jesus in this time of need. 

Pope’s Prayers to Mary during the coronavirus pandemic

USCCB's COVID-19 Prayer Resources (prayers available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese)

Protect Your Mental Health

7 Tips to Stay Strong Amid This Uncertain Time

Recorded Webinars on Mental Health


How to Stay Calm in the Midst of the Unknown: practical strategies for coping with anxiety and fear – part 1 

Enjoying Family Life; How to Stay Calm in the Midst of the Unknown: practical strategies for coping with anxiety and fear – part 2

Presentations by Sharon Trani, MSN, MAMFT, APRN, a Nurse Practitioner and Marriage and Family Life Therapist with Vermont Catholic Charities; facilitated by Dcn. Phil Lawson, Executive Director of Evangelization & Catechesis and Michael Hagan, Manager of Religious Education and Catechesis

Stop the Spread and Stay Educated

Though some among us may feel they can participate in public life or the Mass because they do not have symptoms, the medical evidence is clear that even a person who appears healthy may carry and spread the virus and put others at risk perhaps days later. Wash your hands well for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Pray two Hail Marys while handwashing for the sick and wear a mask when in public. 

Check the public health authorities' webpages for more information on the Coronavirus (resources below).

Faith Formation in the Home Resources

CLICK HERE for a list of faith formation resources to support individuals, families, and communities during this time. The resources offer you opportunities for continuing faith formation in the home and online and it is our hope that you will find them beneficial.

For Catholic Schools and School Families

Five Steps to Expect if a Student or Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

07.13.20 CLICK HERE for the latest Catholic Schools Reopening Guidelines

04.16.20 Schools will continue remote instruction for remainder of academic year. Please see the most current memo from Superintendent Dave Thibault.

Archived memos:

03.26.20 Schools to Continue Remote Instruction Through May 4th

03.15.20 Catholic Schools Transition to Remote Instruction

03.12.20 Schools were issued a memo with guidance to limiting nonessential work travel and sick time, based on the Diocesan Administration guidelines. Please see here.


State of NH Emergency Orders

CDC Prevention and Treatment

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

USCCB Resources