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Parable Articles by the Bishop


February/March - Creation:  A Litany of Ceaseless Wonder and Praise

January/February - Celebrate the Promise of a New Year


September/October - A Place of Rest, Reunion

July/August - ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.’

May/June - Never Miss a Vital Word: Sitting, Standing, Kneeling — Interruptions Keep Us Focused During Mass

March/April - Rediscovering the Purpose and Meaning of the Sign of Peace

January/February - Rediscovering the Elements of Mass


November/December - Let's Delve More Deeply into the Thoughts, Words and Ritual Actions of Mass

September/October - I Hope to See You at NH's Eucharistic Revival!

July/August - An Answer to Our Prayers

May/June - A Special Time to Honor Mary and Her Son, Jesus

March/April - A New Vision for the Church in New Hampshire - English | Spanish

January/February - Let's Take a Walk


November/December - Let Us Come to the Lord As One

September/October - Gentle Woman, Powerful Protector, Bearer of Sorrows

July/August - Welcome to our New Priests and Deacons!

May/June - A Gold Star for Catholic Schools

March/April - Seeking God's Will for Us

January/February - Peace on Earth. Good Will to All!


November/December - Embracing a Stewardship Way of Life

September/October - We Stand With the Lord in Fighting Racism

July/August - Good to See You at Mass Again!

May/June - Christ is Our Strength in Uncertain Times

March/April - Preserving Catholic Health Care in New Hampshire

January/February - Advancing the Common Good as Informed Catholics


November/December - Our Work is Not Done

September/October - Restoring Trust

July/August - Congratulations to Our New Priests, Deacons

May/June - In Easter, We Find Our True Purpose, Worth, Freedom

March/April - A Call to Hope, A Call to Act

January/February - Enacting New Reforms to Prevent Misconduct


November/December - Let's Work Together to Heal Wounds, Build a Stronger Safer Church 

September/October - A Joyous Time for the Church in New Hampshire

July/August - We Stand By You

May/June - Easter's Witness to Love That Overcomes Evil

March/April - Restore! Renew! Proclaim!

January/February - May He Reign in Our Hearts


November/December - A Time of Transition

September/October - Parable 2017 Catholic Press Association Awards

July/August - Congratulations Parable

May/June - Devotion to Our Lady

March/April - Oh I Know This

January/February - Companion on the Journey


November/December - Fruits of the Year of Mercy

September/October - We Can't Let Our Voices Be Lost

July/August - We Rejoice and Give Thanks

May/June - Enthronement of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

March/April - Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

January/February - Holy Doors