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On Call with Dr. Pepe

CMC Expands to Meet Demand for Catholic Health Care

The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to carry out Christ’s healing ministry by offering health, healing and hope to every individual who seeks our care. That is our mission. In fact, and perhaps ironically, we’ve been so successful at our mission that we’ve outgrown our ability to accommodate all the patients who want to be treated at CMC.

On any given day, CMC is nearly or completely full. Patients come from our local community and, through the Patient Transfer Center, from throughout the region. The latter are mostly patients who cannot be managed in their smaller, rural hospitals. Last year, due to space limitations, CMC was forced to turn away 269 of those patients. More than half of them were cardiac patients. As a result, patients in New Hampshire communities must seek care in academic facilities in Massachusetts. This is a great inconvenience to patients and their families, not to mention a higher cost of care than they would find at CMC.

We want to be able to grow our mission. In order to meet the community’s needs — now and in the future — CMC is beginning a major expansion of its campus in late 2019. The new building will be about 200,000 square feet and will help advance our goal of increasing access to high quality care and expanding our capacity to meet growing patient needs. CMC will begin site preparation to the north of the existing hospital, where there is currently a Rite Aid and long-vacant commercial space. Construction and hospital expansion will begin in 2021.

Once completed, the new space will give more people the opportunity to receive world-class care in their community by:

  • Increasing capacity for CMC’s New England Heart & Vascular Institute;
  • Improving patient privacy, amenities and safety by creating private patient rooms;
  • Expanding the Emergency Department;
  • Building additional operating rooms.

CMC’s commitment to the community is second to none. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve served those most in need. Today, we continually invest to improve the health of Greater Manchester and all of New Hampshire, through new facilities, innovative programs, leading-edge technology and top-notch talent.

This expansion and modernization project will ensure that our patients, families and community have the best cardiac, emergency and inpatient care possible — tertiary level care in a community hospital. Catholic health care must provide for all those in need of it — from conception to natural death. Our mission at CMC endures.

Dr. Joseph Pepe is the president and CEO of CMC Healthcare System: Catholic Medical Center, New England Heart & Vascular Institute, and several subsidiaries. He and his wife reside in Manchester.

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