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Catholic Charities Report

Helping Our Neighbors in Need

Grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, Catholic Charities New Hampshire responds to the needs of the poor and vulnerable throughout New Hampshire with programs that heal, comfort and empower individuals and families.

Last year, you helped more than 130,000 New Hampshire residents work to overcome poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges and other life-altering obstacles. They range from ;children born into insecure households, to teens carrying years of intense trauma to families on the brink of losing their home and way of life. In most cases, they had nowhere else to turn.

Counseling Services

Helping individuals facing overwhelming life obstacles, from depression and anxiety to grief and addiction, to better manage and cope with their difficult situations – and discover new meaning, peace and control over their lives. 83% of our clients report a positive behavioral change, while 81% note improvements in their overall quality of life.

Parish and Community Services

poverty and despair to lives full of hope and promise. Every client comes to us with a different challenge, yet shares in the commitment to move their lives toward self-sufficiency.

Adoption Services

Providing guidance and resources for married couples seeking to become loving parents and navigate the adoption process, while also improving lives and strengthening families through postadoption reunions.

St. Charles School

Helping children (grades K-8) with emotional and behavioral disturbances build meaningful connections, heal and, over time, develop positive behaviors needed to successfully reintegrate
into traditional school environments.

The CareGivers

Assisting elderly and disabled residents across Greater Manchester and Nashua with critical transportation, groceries and other forms of support. These services preserve their independence and wishes to remain living at home.

New Hampshire Food Bank

Feeding and nourishing the thousands of food insecure individuals across the Granite State and addressing the root causes of hunger through a variety of educational and community outreach programs.

Immigration Legal Services

Guiding immigrants and refugees on the path to citizenship and protecting individuals from persecution and violence.

Our Place

Helping parents maintain a healthy pregnancy and raise their children in safe and nurturing homes. Clients report a 75% increase in pregnancy and parenting knowledge and skills when attending the program.

Our work is not done. We remain committed to preserving the dignity of all humans, strengthening families, protecting human rights and promoting solidarity, core principles of Catholic social teaching, a central and essential element of our faith founded on the words and actions of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Download this Catholic Charities New Hampshire Report

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