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Healthy Beginnings for 2019

New Year’s Day…Through the years, I have been fascinated by how that one day of the year symbolizes the target date for change and new beginnings. In the 20-plus years that I served as a primary care physician, I cannot tell you the number of times I heard my patients say that January 1 was the day they would make an important change in their lives. Whether it was losing weight, beginning to work out at the gym, quitting tobacco or cutting back on alcohol use, the New Year was going to be the start of a new life when the challenges of the past would suddenly become so much easier.

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top CCNH Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

Some 40 years ago, Mary Jane Moran walked out into the parking lot of a grocery store in Manchester and noticed a couple of habited nuns who were having trouble getting their car started. Mary Jane, who studied under the Sisters of Mercy from kindergarten through St. Joseph High School for Girls in Manchester, recognized the stranded nuns as two of her former teachers. She offered them a ride back to the Warde Health Center in Windham. When they arrived, the grateful sisters asked their former student if she might consider doing even more. From that moment on, Mary Jane, already a busy mother raising seven children, began to dedicate her life to the women she calls “her sisters.” She became, and remains to this day, a central figure of hope and cheerful, life-giving activity at Catholic Charities New Hampshire’s Warde Health Center, a facility that provides assisted living as well as skilled nursing rehabilitation.

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top Parable JosephsClosetJoseph’s Closet

A Give-and-Take Approach to Durable Medical Equipment

Give and Take

Often, the best kind of relationship is one that’s give and take, so to speak. That’s exactly the model the mission team employs at St. Joseph Hospital’s Joseph’s Closet – and it’s working beautifully.

The closet, which is a large office, accepts donations of gently used, durable medical equipment (DME) that’s in clean and working order. The equipment inventory includes everything from wheelchairs, walkers and canes to bed rails, raised toilet seats and shower chairs. The items are available, free of charge, to those in need in the Greater Nashua area.

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