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CMC Welcomes New NaProTECHNOLOGY Doctor

Recently, I thought back through my life and wondered how much of it has been shaped by my environment. I remember a huge picture hanging over my childhood bed of two people dressed in clothing that I had never seen in stores. When I asked my mother who they were, she responded that they were St. Cosmas and St. Damian. She went on to say that they were twin brothers and doctors who will watch over me and guide me.

I found out later that not much is known of their lives. According to The Catholic Encyclopedia, the brothers practiced their profession in the seaport of Aegeae, then in the Roman province of Syria. They did not accept payment for their services, which attracted many to the Christian faith. This led to their persecution under the Emperor Diocletian and, when they did not recant their faith, they suffered martyrdom (circa  AD 287). Early on, churches were dedicated to the twin saints at Jerusalem, Egypt and Mesopotamia. In Rome, Pope Felix IV (526–530) rededicated the Library of Peace (Bibliotheca Pacis) as a basilica of Santi Cosma e Damiano.

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Scholarships Help CCNH Nurses Advance Their Careers

It’s a long drive from Berlin to Merrimack. But the more than 140-mile commute is helping Jenny Ferren travel much further in her life.

Jenny is one of nine Catholic Charities New Hampshire scholarship recipients selected to attend the Harmony Health Care Institute in Merrimack to advance their nursing careers from licensed nursing assistant (LNA) to attaining a licensed practical nurse (LPN) degree. In order to complete the intensive 18-month program, Jenny leaves her family during the week and stays in southern New Hampshire, then returns to Berlin to work at St. Vincent de Paul Rehabilitation and Nursing Center during the weekends. Her children are 16, 9 and five years old. “It’s hard,” she says. “I miss my family. I feel like I am missing out on a lot, but it will be worth it in the long run.”

Catholic Charities announced this scholarship program last year to provide advancement opportunities for some of its most dedicated employees and, at the same time, to help address the acute nursing shortage in New Hampshire.

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Hospital Chaplains: The Heart of Catholic Healthcare

Jan Tardif has been a chaplain at St. Joseph Hospital for 13 years. She works full-time, along with her fellow chaplain, Terri Nault. “We’re a spiritual support team,” Jan says.

Jan shares, “I have a background in hospice and pastoral care. My role is to connect with patients, and their family members, and support them. Sometimes that means praying together. Other times, it simply means being compassionate.”

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