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New Year’s and Newborns

It’s a new year, baby! Or rather, make that: It’s a New Year Baby!

The New Year brings with it much hope and optimism, along with unique ways to celebrate new beginnings. Whether it be New Year’s Eve parties, joining friends and loved ones in singing “Auld Lang Syne,” or watching the Orange and Rose Bowl parades and college bowl games, these events mark the start of the new year. Another special New Year’s tradition celebrated throughout our state and nation is that of the New Year Baby. During its many years of serving the region, Catholic Medical Center has been fortunate to have some of the first babies born after midnight in the new year. The well-timed baby and his or her parents receive a variety of gifts to celebrate the honor. I always felt sorry for the second child born in the New Year, who just missed by minutes the celebratory status and gifts!

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Pictured above: Marlene Makowski (left) and Sister Marie Henault, pm, at St. Joseph Residence in Manchester. (Photo by Grace Wise)

‘True Soldiers’ of Health Care

By Gary Bouchard

“Every day is a new day.” This is the resolve that Marlene Makowski, LNHA, MBA, brings to her work as administrator of St. Joseph Residence in Manchester. Marlene has served in various roles at Catholic Charities New Hampshire’s nursing facilities since 1990. She has been an administrator since 2003 and the American College of Health Care Administrators honored her three times with the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award (2013, 2015, 2019). It is from this vast experience that Marlene draws in navigating senior health care during the Covid pandemic during the last 22 months. Despite the difficulties that she and other health care workers face, she ultimately describes it as “a time of awe, in the truest sense of that word.”

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Pictured above: Group facilitators, from left, Eric Leader, Shannon Osterhoudt and Nicole Snow. (Courtesy photo)

Better Together: The St. Joseph Perinatal Bereavement Group

“Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.”
– Megan Devine, Grief Advocate and Therapist

Each of us has or will experience loss at some point in our lives. There is no right way to compare one loss to another, nor is there a guidebook on how to overcome it. Perhaps one of the most challenging losses anyone could ever face is the loss of a child. It goes against the biological order; parents who experience the loss of their child often feel stuck, unsure of how to move forward.

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