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Preserving Christ’s Healing Ministry

As the CEO of a Catholic hospital, I’m often asked, “What does it mean for a hospital to have a ‘Catholic identity?’” The answer differs depending on who you ask. Some might reference moral teachings like forbidding abortion and euthanasia. Others might highlight social responsibility, the presence of religious pictures and symbolism, or a hospital’s union with its local bishop. Still others may talk about robust pastoral and spiritual care. All of these are important parts of our Catholic identity; but the full meaning of Catholic identity is so much more than any one of these things.

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Legacy Gifts: Paving Pathways Out of Poverty

By Gary Bouchard

In public arenas like sports we have all heard of someone leaving “a lasting legacy” because of something they accomplished. Few of us have ever considered the idea that we might leave behind a legacy. But Karen Moynihan, senior director of development at Catholic Charities New Hampshire, says one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is to help ordinary people create lasting legacies that have a dramatic impact on other people’s lives far, far into the future. In the days after Catholic Charities’ 75th anniversary winter gala, we sat down with Karen to learn more.

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St. Joseph Hospital Supports Its Own with the Marguerite d’Youville Food Pantry

Our History

The St. Joseph Hospital Marguerite d’Youville Food Pantry opened its doors in November 2012, and has been a valuable resource for St. Joe’s employees ever since.

“For many years, the St. Joe’s team held food drives and donated their many contributions to the community food pantry,” says Tara Collins, who is Mission Integration Manager at St. Joseph Hospital. “One year, an employee mentioned in passing that their family could use some assistance and, before we knew it, another employee began the effort to organize an internal food drive and offer donations to any employee in need of a helping hand.”

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