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top PARABLE Pepe

Changing Hearts, Healing Wounds

Almsgiving. One of the most lasting memories I have from my childhood observances of Lent was the rice bowl that my home parish distributed at the start of the Lenten season. My family faithfully took one home every year, and it always found a prominent place in our kitchen. We were encouraged by my parents to put money in it throughout Lent. At times, it was a real sacrifice, debating between keeping those coins in my pocket to buy a snack after school, or to contribute to those most in need. The reward of making that sacrifice was having a full rice bowl to bring to our parish. Seeing all of those rice bowls in the sanctuary made me realize that others were making the same sacrifice. It felt good to be involved in something so charitable.

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top Parable Caregivers

Helping Our Neighbors in Need

Grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, Catholic Charities New Hampshire responds to the needs of the poor and vulnerable throughout New Hampshire with programs that heal,
comfort and empower individuals and families.

Last year, you helped more than 130,000 New Hampshire residents work to overcome poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges and other life-altering obstacles. They range from children born into insecure households, to teens carrying years of intense trauma to families on the brink of losing their home and way of life. In most cases, they had nowhere else to turn.

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top Parable Whipple

St. Joseph Hospital’s Frank Whipple Makes a Difference Every Day

Long-time employee recognized with St. Marguerite d’Youville Award

Frank Whipple has been employed by St. Joseph Hospital for 30 years. Today, he is its Surgical Services’ Business Manager. In this role, you would expect him to improve the department’s efficiency, but would you also expect him to be recognized with the hospital’s most coveted mission award?

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