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top PARABLE Pepe

Celebrating Gifts of the Harvest

Autumn brings beautiful and bountiful changes – leaves turn bright colors, vegetables and fruit become ripe for harvest. It also marks the Ember Days of Fall when we thank God for the gifts of nature. 

I remember my grandmother thanking God for the gift of the grape harvest every fall. She regaled us with stories of how, in Italy, they celebrated the grape harvest on the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary. She vividly described how towns held celebrations and parades in honor of the feast. Girls in local costumes distributed grapes, wine and local food specialties. Wagons decorated with the image of Our Lady of the Rosary carried grapes and other products of the earth. A vital part of the festival was the celebration of Holy Mass to thank God for the gift of grapes. My grandmother’s stories come back to me every fall, reminding me to always thank God for the gift of the fall and its entire splendor.

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top PARABLE FoodBankAnother Bite at the Apple 

By 3:30 on a hot July afternoon, the large refrigerated truck with a picture of a large red apple has backed into the shaded part of the parking lot of Providence Baptist Church. The apple on the truck is missing a mouth-sized bite, next to it a rallying slogan of New Hampshire Food Bank declares: Bite Back On Hunger.

The arrival of this mobile Fresh Food Pantry here on the border of Raymond and Epping represents one very small bite among the thousands that the New Hampshire Food Bank, a program of Catholic Charities New Hampshire, has been taking for decades against the persistent problem of food insecurity for many New Hampshire residents.

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top PARABLE Belanger SusanSusan I. Belanger 

Named Covenant Health Systems’ Senior Vice President of Mission Integration 

Strategic Leadership

Recently, Susan I. Belanger, Ph.D., MA, RN, NEA-BC, was named Covenant Health Systems’ Senior Vice President of Mission Integration. In this important position, Susan will provide strategic leadership to ensure the organization’s mission, values and heritage are fully integrated into all its operations and that its promise of sponsorship and Catholic identity remain paramount. Susan will also serve as the system ethicist and be responsible for promoting practices that enhance ethical awareness even while delivering high-quality health care.

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