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Four Core Values Define CMC Health Care

An organization’s core values are the foundation upon which decisions are made in order to achieve goals and fulfill its vision. They are also the cornerstone of a strong organizational culture. Show me an organization with a healthy and vibrant culture and I’ll show you an organization that pays attention to its core values.

I was thrilled, therefore, when our Board of Trustees asked us to lead an initiative to take a thoughtful look at our values (Compassion, Respect, Patient-Centered Care, Human Dignity, Excellence).

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NH Feeding NH: NH Farmers Help Feed Neighbors in Need

By Gary Bouchard

“Only where love and need are one,” wrote Robert Frost, “is the deed ever really done — for heaven and for future’s sakes.” Joining the needs of people with those who can lovingly support them has long been the work of Catholic Charities New Hampshire. Now the NH Food Bank has launched an innovative statewide initiative called NH Feeding NH, which is designed to make locally grown produce, fruit, dairy and protein available to people who are food insecure in all areas of the state where that food is grown.

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St. Joseph Hospital’s WellnessFirst Program Builds Community

Wellness is defined as “being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” St. Joseph Hospital’s WellnessFirst Program supports exactly that by offering local employers a complementary service that connects their employees with health and wellness services that enhance their lives. Those services may include hosting health education on stress management or mental health issues, offering annual or pre-employment physicals, and even conducting health and wellness surveys with employees.

To date, the hospital has partnered with nearly 20 employers. One example of a thriving WellnessFirst partnership is between the hospital and the YMCA of Greater Nashua.

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