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Noble Work

Health care professionals witness more than their fair share of heartbreak. Caregivers in all areas of medicine see people at their worst — in pain, grief, fear. Sometimes, it’s the worst pain, the strongest grief and the darkest fear a person ever experienced. The cumulative toll this can take on a person is enough to prompt one to wonder, “Why do it?”

At a time when many are walking away from the health care profession, this is a question that demands a worthy answer. And many of our longest-serving staff at CMC provide it. They describe their work as a calling. They feel compelled to work in a field where they can help others. You likely are familiar with CMC’s mission statement: The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to carry out Christ’s healing mission of offering health, healing and hope to every individual who seeks our care.

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top PARABLE CCNH 0722Monadnock at Home Helps Area Seniors Live at Home

By Gary Bouchard

Soon July Fourth skies will light up with fireworks as people gather with family and friends to celebrate our nation’s Independence. For many people though, retaining their independence is a lifetime goal as well as a weekly struggle.

Sandra Faber, executive director of Catholic Charities NH’s Monadnock at Home program, works with dozens of volunteers to help Monadnock Region seniors continue to live independently in their own homes. “When I meet with seniors who are considering our services they typically tell me, ‘But I want to remain independent.’ I assure them, ‘We will help you to be independent, not take your independence away.’ The services we provide,” she says, “from transportation to check-in visits, to social activities, are designed to help people stay independent.”

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top PARABLE MissionMoment0722St. Joseph School of Nursing: A Path That Offers Purpose, Passion and Possibilities

Are you looking to begin your career or navigate a career change? Are you interested in a path that offers purpose, passion and lots of possibilities? If so, health care may be the calling for you.

Health care organizations across New Hampshire, including St. Joseph Hospital, need medical and nursing assistants. Both are an integral part of any health care system. Medical assistants typically work in doctor’s offices and urgent care centers while nursing assistants provide direct patient care in hospitals or other care settings.

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